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Roger Fan Fans....Don't Miss This


If you like the actor Roger Fan (and who in their right mind doesn't?), you need to read

"Roger Fan: The Out-Takes, Part 1"

on my Ningin blog


And the commen...Read more

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Super Short Update

Not a normal blog entry for me at all....

I would love to spend more time on here tonight, but don't want to fall asleep at the wheel tomorrow. While other aspiring filmmakers are in NYC at the 72 Hour Shootout, I'll be in Kentucky. But if you go to http://ningin.com/elenastevenson you can see my blog interviews of some of the participants. Very fun people at that shootout, eh?

I will catch up with you guys l...Read more

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Hi, everyone,

Thanks to Feedburner, you can subscribe to my new blog. Each time I post a new entry, Feedburner will deliver it to your email within 24 hours. Then you can go to the site to comment if you wish. Under the "About" page on the left hand side is a "Subscribe and Contact" page. Click on that and Feedburner will show you what to do. You will not end up on some spam list, I promise. Thanks so much, and I hope you enjoy my blog.

http://bigworl...Read more

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Hapa's Mama Goodbye of Sorts

Dear AnD Friends,

We all have to make hard choices in life....there's only so much time, plus you have to make income and take care of your family. It's with a little sadness that I make this announcement.







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So You Think You Can Dance

I just went over to YouTube, hoping to find a video of tonight's show. No dice, so the pretty British host will have to suffice. It cracks me up how she says, "Los AngelEEZ"...

I love this show. I took a lot of dance lessons as a kid, and loved it. I won a swing dance contest once, but only because my partner was so go...Read more

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Come check this out....so cool!

If you've spent any time at all on my page here, you know that I have a website on race--hapasmama.com. I know that talking/reading about race is not everyone's thing. But I have a page called "My Story" where ordinary people can tell their stories. Since being a biographer--helping people tell their stories, and appr...Read more

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Thoughts, prayers, and rants for MYANMAR

Is anyone else outraged by the actions of Myanmar's government?

Here's a link to the blog I did on it. Or, just share your thoughts below.


I know it's hard to feel connected to people in other parts of the world. But human beings are dying needlessly with aid sitting on boats offshore. This is crazy, people.

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The Work Front

I’ll admit, my career isn’t nearly as interesting as that of other people on MySpace and AliveNotDead. Like I’ve told you, I’m working to break into screenwriting, but I’m still doing freelance articles.  And I feel blessed to have the work—when I gave up my “day job” shortly before the second baby’s birth, I didn’t know how we’d make ends meet.

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To the outside world, I look like a stay-at-home mom, frequenting the local park at 10 A.M. with my two kids. Yet ...Read more

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Funny video, local talent

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzcdWe7ebDU Recently I got involved in a screenwriters' group here in Cincinnati, which has been really great for me. Andy Winston, one of the guys from the group, wrote, shot, and directed this video. Not for kids, but cutting-edge funny.


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Chinese Human Rights and Beijing 2008

How about the protests surrounding the Olympic Torch Relay? Dang, never knew jogging could be so dangerous....

Read and comment on "Torch Relay Tumult"




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