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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
The last pic is an odalisque worthy of Ingres! The feminists are not amused, nor I would imagine, are any non-Western viewers who have read Said's Orientalism, not to mention all the PC types who like to castigate us in the West for our purported imperialist mentality. Can European intellectuals look at such pics and not get their PC philosophies riled? I guess what almost redeems the picture (except for the feminists) is that the girl is of European stock.
over 14 years ago
Photo 50475
The b/w tone one is my favourite. A bit Helmut Newtonish but in colour (not as stark). Anyway, the girls are elegantly and super sexy posed. Not as risque as Terry Richardsons. Thanks for sharing.
over 14 years ago
Photo 34128
Partial to the b/w myself, but they all look great.
over 14 years ago
Photo 55551
You are insanely.....AMAZING!
over 14 years ago


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