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feel fine|感覺真好|感觉真好

mini-EP out on 23rd already, i walked around cwb and central to do some researches about my sales hahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! i went to cwb hmv, wow $95 just for 3 songs... expensive huh! thats the only one left, i asked the sales lady where i can buy more cos i need to buy for my cousins and friends which are not living in hk! she said, 'oh no more at central and tst too wor...' and my friends said they cant even buy it, need to wait......... haha so happy!!!

so please support, cos... even tho there r only 3 songs.... but we used a lot 'heart blood' to do it and work it out. also the package, me and yemon the designer was brainstorming a lot to have a fresh and special feeling. not just 是但馬虎了是! hope u guys will appreciate... :D | mini-EP在23號發行了,我到cwb和中環做我唱片銷售的調查,哈哈哈! 我在cwb hmv發現3首歌賣95元...貴啊! 當時只剩一張了,我問售貨員哪兒還有賣,因為我要給不住在香港的表兄弟和朋友們買一些! 她說,"哦,中環和尖沙咀都沒貨了..."我朋友們說他們都買不到,需要等.........哈哈,非常開心!!!

所以請支持,因為...即使只有三首歌....但是我們花了許多"心血"來做,就連包裝,也是我和設計師yemon探討了很多次,尋找更加新鮮和特別的感覺。不是馬虎了事! 希望大家會喜歡...:D| mini-EP在23号发行了,我到cwb和中环做我唱片销售的调查,哈哈哈! 我在cwb hmv发现3首歌卖95元...贵啊! 当时只剩一张了,我问售货员哪儿还有卖,因为我要给不住在香港的表兄弟和朋友们买一些! 她说,"哦,中环和尖沙咀都没货了..."我朋友们说他们都买不到,需要等.........哈哈,非常开心!!!

所以请支持,因为...即使只有三首歌....但是我们花了许多"心血"来做,就连包装,也是我和设计师yemon探讨了很多次,寻找更加新鲜和特别的感觉。不是马虎了事! 希望大家会喜欢...:D

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congrats! thats good, hopefully they printed enough copies! you should sell your CD on alivenotdead.com too! ;-)
over 15 years ago
over 15 years ago
Ryanhui 26 ryanhui
Congrats! I gotta pick one up too. Keep it up!
over 15 years ago
Photo 214991
Hey thats great! Congratulations! Look forward to checking it out!
over 15 years ago
Photo 230264
我想你可以去佳佳訂購吧... :D
over 15 years ago
Paradox din 81 20131002 din 116 edit
Congrat!! looking forward to see your performance!
over 15 years ago


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