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Sweeney Todd- Adolfo Pirelli

Sweeney Todd- Adolfo Pirelli

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Thanks to alivenotdead’s castings I was able to find out about an audition for the play Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street. So, I went to the audition and sang the part for the main role, but I was actually not interested in taking on that much responsibility. They seemed to be impressed with my performance, but I made it clear to them that I wanted to have a minor role in the play.


So, I wondered and waited until I got a call back. They asked me what role I would like to go for, so I eventually watched the movie and found the best role for me. I decided on the character of Adolfo Pirelli who speaks with an Italian accent and is very flamboyant and theatrical, very suited to my own character. So, I practiced his song and annoyed my girlfriend by constantly singing it.


I went to the call back thinking that I was really early, but it turns out that all of the other people auditioning were already there. They were singing a song from the musical that I had no idea about, and it seemed that they knew the song well, I didn’t have a clue. I started to wonder, have I come to early? are they singing for the chorus? But after we finished singing the song the director said, “Okay, now that you are warmed up it is time for the audition to start.” I was at the right place. These people were just more keen than I was.


It came time for the audition for my role and the director said that there were four people going for the part, but one person wasn’t able to make it today. The first person got up and brought out some razor blades and some shaving cream. He asked his friend to come up and take a seat on the chair in front of him and he started to spray the shaving cream on his face. He began to sing the song while shaving the guy’s face, and I was in amazement. I hadn’t prepared such a theatrical performance, I was just relying on my voice. He was good, but his voice and timing could have been better. But, he had a great performance.


Then, they asked the next person to come up for the audition. That meant I would be last. I have to note at this stage that I looked at the other two candidates and I thought that they looked more Italian looking then I did. This guy also was very theatrical and pretended to shave while singing the song, his facial features very alive and his accent really great. I was starting to get nervous. I thought that he was going to get the role. They got him to sing the song again because he was a little out of time, speeding up and slowing down in bits. He finished his song with a big applause from the audience and he sat down feeling very happy with himself.


Next, they called out my name and I got up. When I got to the centre stage the other participants were still chatting as I am sure they were commenting on how good the guy before me was. Another thing was that both these guys sang more of the song than I was asked to sing or even practiced. So, I told the director that I would start singing from the part they told me to practice. But, before I started I wanted to get into character and introduce my character. I told them to not play the piano yet. So I sang my little introduction,


“I am Adolfo Pirelli,

The king of the barbers, the barber of kings,

Bon giourno, good day,

I blow you a kiss… (and I blew a kiss to the director, and she blew one back to me)


And I… the most famous Pirelli,

I wish to know who has the nerve to say,

My elixir is piss,

Who says this?”


When I finished the introduction everyone around me erupted in applause and the director had to tell them to quiet down and leave it to the end of my performance. The pianist nodded me on to start the song. So, I sang the song with all my gusto, my powerful voice filled the room. I held all of the long notes and I was in perfect time with the piano. People clapped at the end of the long notes that I held. I got through the whole song without mistake and I got a huge applause at the end of the audition. Happy with myself, I decided to sit back down, not waiting to see if they wanted me to sing it again. Why? I did such a fantastic job.


Then, the director asked the guy from the start to come back and do his part again and he replied, “How can I go on after that?” I smiled inside. I was shocked that I had put so much fear into his heart. He eventually went on again and did a good performance, but in my heart I was pretty sure that I scored the part. Even the other guy before me seemed to be a little bit discontented, I wiped the smile from his face.


I felt very confident after the audition, but knew I shouldn’t get my hopes up too much as there was still another person auditioning for my part. I told my girlfriend about the audition and she also didn’t want me to get my hopes up. Especially since I had such big hopes for the competition FBI were in at M1 bar, and then was so disappointed with the result. The crowd response was unbelievable and people told me I was a shoe-in to win, then Peri-M won and I couldn’t believe it. They didn’t get half the response that we had gotten.


So, I waited… and on Monday I got a call from the director to tell me that I had gotten the part. She said that I blew the competition out of the water and that I was fantastic. I couldn’t believe it. I am going to be in a musical. Thanks Alivenotdead. Thanks to God!


That’s my story. Practice starts in September and the play will be sometime in November. I can’t wait. I am looking forward to it so much. I am so happy.

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well done, brother. i can train you on the accent, if you need it... =)
almost 14 years ago
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Nice =) Well done !!
almost 14 years ago
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Hello Cain, Fantastic blog, and congratulations on landing the role of Pirelli! "Sweeney Todd" is a fantastic musical. I saw it onstage when it was on here in Dublin, Ireland and I loved it. I think the stage version is better than the film, but it's still enjoyable. Plus I recently had the pleasure to work with Jane Wisener (Johanna from the film) so you can imagine how delighted I was! :D Once again, congratulation dude! Good luck with the role & most importantly, have fun! ;) Best Wishes, Alan
almost 14 years ago
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Thanks everyone for your support!!!
almost 14 years ago
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Well done.Love it! Enjoy every moment. Theatre is wonderful! :)
almost 14 years ago


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