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We were excited to launch 'Ip Man: The Musical' at the Pegasus annual dinner, held by Raymond Wong at the Mandarin hotel. Writer Bey Logan and producers Robert Vincencio and Hongming Wang were happy to meet THE Ip Man, Donnie Yen...

Donnie was on hand to announce 'Ip Man 3D'.

Bey makes a point on stage while presenting the musical project.

The Ip Man 3D team leaves the stage, led by Ip Man's son, Ip Chun. Next up was our B&E annual gathering, held at the hidden fortress in Cheung Sha Wan, celebrating our year just gone and to come, and the birthdays of key players Elizabeth Yang, Ryan Logan and J. Cheung.

Kam, J, Kong Sifu, Tom and Bey all smiles!

Calvin smiles at his father's jokes (a family duty...)

Rap battle!

Ryan, one day all this will be yours...

Kong shows one of his challenge matches!

Tom takes flight for Kong Sifu.

Kong Sifu gives a lecture on his kung and his fu REEL EAST HAS CHAN, HUNG AND CHOW.

Jackie Chan is back in theaters with 'Chinese Zodiac', and we have the memorabilia from his earlier exploits as the Asian Hawk. Meanwhile Chow Yun-fat and Sammo Hung are together for the first time in 'The Last Tycoon', and we have the best of their previous gangster fare. Go to our website, or visit our showroom if you're here in Hong Kong![](/attachments/2012/12/19/15/72861_201212191547111.thumb.jpg) Happy holidays from all at B&E!

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B&E / Reel East update

All the (B&E) fit that's news to print...

thr3guys join B&E

We're really delighted to welcome expat masterminds J. Cheung and Kamil Janowski to the team. Kamil is a master of the lens, shooting stills and moving images with equal skill. If you need someone shot, or maybe to get shot yourself, either buy a gun, or contact the K Machine at Check out his stuff at Meanwhile, J. has been kicking up a storm locally as stunt performer, training and choreographer, and can be contacted at Check out his stuff at Our studio in Cheung Sha Wan is available to shoot head shots and showreels, so contact the guys for all your dynamically visual needs.

FANTOM announced

B&E Productions is in early stages of pre-production on 'FANTOM', a post-apocalyptic actioner set to shoot in Hong Kong and China early next year. We're looking for a few good men (and women) who like to fight, and look cool doing it. If you pose in front of the mirror every morning, and that's you, please send your photo and details to

New items daily on Reel East!

Our unique Hong Kong movie memorabilia has proved such a hit with fans, we're now adding new items from our vast archive on a daily basis. Collectors and more casual devotees of local cinema are also welcome to visit our showroom to see the Reel East Collection of Asian Action Cinema Items. Please check out our site at, and also our Facebook page at

Martial Club alive and kicking (punching, stabbing etc)....

Our Cheung Sha Wan kung fu school has brought traditional Hung Gar to the neighbourhood, with lively group sessions on Monday and Friday evenings from 6-9pm. Private lessons are also available by appointment, as well as specific flexibility, screen fighting and others forms of practice on offer. The school is also available for rent for individual practice, choreography, rehearsal and any other (vaguely) legal activities.

We at Blk E, 1st floor, Cheong Fat Factory Building, 346, Fuk Wing Street, Cheung Sha Wan. The big blue building just up from Ext C1 of the Cheung Sha Wan.


All enquiries regarding any of the above, please call 2194 8377 or 9374 9619.














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Action directing on 'Lust and Found'

Alley of fury in Cheung Sha Wan

I had a blast helping out director Lawrence Gray shooting a fight scene for his film 'Lust and Found'. We filmed in a alleyway just around the corner from the old B&E offices in Sheung Wan.

It was great to have so many familiar faces on the team. Production manager Paul Ducommon-dir-Verron and assistant production designer Simon Lam were both on the crew for my movie 'Borderland'.

I also 'lent' Lawrence some new members of the clan, including my production assistant Yummy Cheng (whose name alone would caused an harassment suit on a Hollywood set), as well as camera ace Kamil Janowski. In the shot above, he's impersonating an owl to try and cheer me up. It didn't work.

My second in command on the action front is Jay Cheung, rapper, actor and stunt dude extraordinaire. He's above with actor Philippe Joly, an accomplished martial artist who came up with the basic choreography for the scene we shot.

The cast included Arran Hawk, one of the survivors of 'Ghosts of the Forbidden City', the Roger Corman masterpiece shot up at our ACE studio in Nanhai.

Whatever the time pressure, there's always space for ballroom dancing. Co-stars Jai Day (left) and Vivenne Tseng watch us waltz.

The tough thing about shooting in an alley using natural light is that the sun moves so damn fast! Something should really be done about that...

Here's me figuring out an angle while Jay takes an uppercut from Philippe.

Wrapped! Team B&E and 3 Guys with the mighty Mak Sifu, who helped us with crowd control!

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Cheung Sha Wan Martial Club Opens!


Traditional Hung Gar Kung Fu School Brings Classical Chinese Combat to Kowloon.

I am proud to be collaborating wth my teacher, the great Mak Chi-kong Sifu, to open a new o Kwoon / Martial Club. The school is located in our converted warehouse space in Cheung Sha Wan, which already houses my B&E production office and Reel East movie memorabilia warehouse/showroom.

We teach traditional Hung Kuen kung fu from the Lam Sai-wing lineage. Mak Sifu is teaching from 6-9 every weekday evening, except Wednesdays, and the syllabus covers empty hand forms and weapons, as well as the self-defence and health enhancing aspects of the art.

Mak Sifu also teaches Lion Dance and traditional drumming.

The kwoon has an open space suitable for forms practice, as well as kick bag, wooden dummy and most other traditional training aids (including some non-traditional ones, such as a stretching machine!).  Practitioners of other styles are welcome to come and rent the space during available hours for their own training.

We had a successful pre-opening party. Above is occasional kung fu player Raven Tao, demanding someone display the pole for her.

We are located at Block E, 1st Floor, Cheong Fat Factory Building, 346, Fuk Wing Street, Cheung Sha Wan, its the bg blue building opposite exit C1 of the Cheung Sha Wan MTR.

For further information please contact Mak Chi-kong Sifu at 91833379.


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Reel East 20% Off Summer Sale


Reel East Are Smashing Prices!

To celebrate the summer, Reel East, your one stop shop for all classic Hong Kong movie memorabilia, is slashing prices on most items by 20%.

If you're a die hard fan of Asian action cinema, or just need something retro and cool for that space on your apartment wall, we have what you need!

Check out or, if your visiting or based in Hong Kong, come to our showroom in Cheung Sha Wan and visit the hidden fortress of jade screen magic.

Our team lies waiting for you:

Lyly says buy or die!

Also at special sale price are our best-selling Wong Fei-hung inspired t-shirts. They have Kwan Tak-hing as the venerable master, together with a classic subtitle from 'The Magificent Butcher'.

AND our embroidered Reel East logo on the collar.

No wonder Fred says they're a winner, and wants YOU to buy one now!

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Man of Tai Chi meets Reel East on the Ip Man set


A life in the week of Bey...

We at B&E Productions were happy and proud when our client Helene Leclerc got cast in the Keanu Reeves directed martial arts epic 'Man of Tai Chi'. Helene did a great job, and the action, from Yuen Woo-ping, looks amazing.

Above is the former Neo and the new Agent Smith. Below, Helene with star Tiger Yang:

Speaking of Keanu, his very first film, Flying, was produced by Golden Harvest, and we have the promotional materials in our Reel East library. Check out for all your martial arts movie memorabilia needs.

We were also happy to welcome fans and friends Can Aydin...

And Peer Hesstvedt

To our hidden fortress in Cheung Sha Wan. All are welcome to visit! Check out our Facebook page for details.

I also visited the set of the new kung fu film 'Ip Man : Final Fight' starring my old friend Anthony Wong as the great man:

The film's Hong Kong streets set is amazing, including, of course, a kung fu school.

It was also great to meet Ip Man's son, Ip Chun, who I've known for around 20 years now!

My thanks to the lovely Elizabeth for putting up with me on the lo-o-ong journey to (and from) Nanhai!


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Reel East Showroom Open Now!

Reel East Showroom Open Now![](/attachments/2012/07/17/10/72861_201207171046251.thumb.jpg)?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /  Now die hard fans of Asian action cinema classics can acquire genuine memorabilia from the movies of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and many more IN PERSON at our show room in Cheung Sha Wan. Situated just up from Cheung Sha Wan MTR station, our facility stores an amazing selection of Hong Kong movie posters, lobby cards, flyers and other items from the glory days of Golden Harvest, Golden Princess, D and B and the great local movie studios. We also have our own exclusive Reel East products, including Bey Logan’s acclaimed ‘Blood Bond’ novel and our cult Wong Fei-hung ‘ Respect’t-shirt. The first 36 customers will get an exclusive FREE GIFT, and all visitors will receive a special discount. To make an appointment to view the masterworks in our archive, please send your relevant contact details to the Reel East Facebook page so we can arrange a time for you to visit.

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Borderland : From backlot to badlands...

  The action moves from the stage to the fields.

Seydina keeps things pumped up and on track.

Director Mathieu realises that HE'S the one who wrote this %^&$...

The crew faces the wilds of Nanhai...

Muriel and Bey get a license to chill

Despite their map, Mathieu and Muriel STILL managed to lose the crew.

Prepping to crash the stunt car.

Even the producer does his own stunts...

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Borderland - Trucking and interrogation

Big wheels and tough questions.Preparing our wheels of steel.Inside the hell truckJames Gerard demanded a piggyback ride to the set... every day.Director Mathieu either sizing up a shot or wondering when lunch would get here... 1st AD Fred Sun cracks under questioning.Mathieu pulls the string that activates Kirt.Maestros confer.Vincent's art of glass.

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Borderland : All the fun of the film-making (part four)

        Odd shots from a long shoot.Ken Tran wields his blades of fury.And the clapperboard goes to... : AJ Richardi is wrapped, Serge and Bey seem very happy to be rid of him![](/attachments/2012/06/05/15/72861_201206051546281.thumb.jpg)Master DP Mathieu and hisACE team prepare.Jason Tobin reveals his true inner self..."And then the penguin says...": Bey finds a receptive audience in Serge.Kirt Kishita receives the unkindest cut of all.Only the best producers have a light growing out the back of their head.Director Mathieu channels Bob The Builder : Yes, he can

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