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the SOAPS!

Fewer and fewer indie musician friends are visiting this space.  As a result I haven't blogged for ages.  But I really feel compelled to write something today. A little more than a year ago, drummer boy Gould asked me to check out a live set played by his new band, Killersoap.  Knowing Gould's penchant for utterly technical brutal slamming on his kit I was expecting a somewhat imbalanced band performance - kinda like big Californian cabs - basically good but packed just with huge powerful fruits that leave very little to imagination.Within 30 seconds I was pleasantly surprised.  The song arrangements, the melodies, the rhythm guitars, the vocal performances, the FEMALE FANS.  They're all there.In the days that follow I got to know the band better, and I started to appreciate their point of view even more.  Everybody wants to win over the world.  But in this sick environment called Hong Kong, these kids decided early on that they would do it the hard way - by letting the music speak for itself.It's compelling.So I started working with them on their LONG AWAITED album sometime early this year.  It was at times challenging, but mostly just fun.In the past couple of weeks none of us got much sleep.  Deadlines looming..The album is due out on Oct 22.  Completely indie production, with limited distribution channels.  Come see the show and buy their music.  Finally, a local album worth buying...Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zS1PeCw3YyI

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