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JJ <人人搬屋>

那傢俬  與裝修  難逃賤讓








離開四季大廈 搬開一絲記掛





那天花 與窗紗 如何悼念








離開四季大廈 搬開一絲記掛




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Wedding Gowns...and life...|婚紗...人生...|婚纱...人生...

How many wedding gowns have I worn?...I can't keep count~

Which gown looked most gorgeous?....Too many to recall....


But irregardless, I still love that feeling of donning the wedding gown~~~

I'm a very traditional person~~

I've always imagined the day of my wedding~~


It feels like that day is kept further and further away~~

Perhaps that is my destiny...

From the day I've stepped into showbiz, it seemed like I...Read more

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So dreams and reality can come simultaneously...

That's why I must remain calm as I get excited....

What a contradicting world.....................




"Him", a magazine that I've grown up with~

Every year, they record traces of me at a certain time......

This year:

On the July 2010 issue of "Him"

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On this gallant fight stage...|這個擂台...|这个擂台...

Each day, there are new choices to make and new challenges to take.

Are you game for it, JJ?


I...don't know



http://t.sina.com.cn/fatumaijj...Read more

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...The Gallants...|... <打擂台>...|... <打擂台>...

Had to stay in Shanghai for 13 to film a show there.  I got to see a lot of new fashionable thing and got to try out new things.  Had to attend the premiere screening of "The Gallants" after returning to Hong Kong...then, I had to fly to Beijing for the premiere and promotion of the film...

So adding to my trip to the Philipines for a show (to and fro) and my recent trips to Beijing and Jinan, I've really been flying quite a bit this month.  For someone like me who doesn'...Read more

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Life is Gallant....|人生就如打擂台....|人生就如打擂台....

I'm finally back in Hong Kong.  But due to my being gone for so long, I have only been updating this easy-to-use blog site.


I've sure gone through alot over the past month and a half!!!

First off, there was my trip to Japan which led me to a deeper understanding of Japan.

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Tomorrow, I've got to leave Hong Kong again.

There'll be a lot that I'll be missing...



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Sometimes, it's like my brain is in a rampant mess...so rampant that my head hurts...

After understanding that I can't avoid the need of helping myself,

it has come for me to realize that a slow person like me would have to turn it around by force.

And as a result, I come to complete exhaustion and all I am left with, is disappointment.

But furthermore, I feel that this is all pre-destined.

In other words, God has already made his plans....

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Keeping It|"留住..."|"留住..."

That's the way life goes...

Things may go differently from the minute you grab the pen.

Don't be so mindful.

If you want to love, then just boldly go loving.

If you want to go crazy, then go ahead and go crazy for a bit...

Isn't that right?

Life is short yet our desires are never ending...

But how many of these people can yo...Read more

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When it doesn't mean none...|不代表沒有....|不代表没有....

Did a shoot for a wedding gown magazine a few days ago...

We've even discussed my observations on love and marriage.

Love has never left me, right?  haha...

It hasn't opened up for me during this time period.

Everyday, I am busy over something...

But..I know God is watching...

In other news, I've finished two books from that l...Read more

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