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Me gone Velvet wearing this Chicano-esque t-shirt... Thanks to Nick and @ainaliza

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Damn it... My stomach can fit these better than Instagram... Can't really see da See-You-My and da Scallops Pork Porridge...

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Hakka Loi Char and Shishamo... Weird combo but it works...

about 10 years ago 46 likes  0 comment  0 shares

Long time no see, Teriyaki Pork Burger...

about 10 years ago 53 likes  0 comment  0 shares

Welcome back Spike... Cowboy Bebop lives on...

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Had Ginger Duck Pot somewhere in Taipei last night. Presenting... Ducks' testicles... Me is no compute da size ratio between a duck and its procreative sacks... It explodes in your mouth with one gentle bite...

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Doing my ritual while St. Thomas by Sonny Rollins echoes throughout da seaside cafe. Good old Sonny, one of da few living Jazz Giants with an astounding musical legacy...

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Great seeing you again after 3 years, Lady Boss... Tadaima!!!...

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So crazy random bumping into you two like dat!...

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Da taxi driver who drove me from the airport to Sunabe...

over 10 years ago 30 likes  0 comment  0 shares


...I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

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