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Da Purple color loving musical genius PRINCE passed away last month and nobody told me???... Someone who has made an immense and unforgettable contribution to Funk, Soul and R&B???... Either I have been offline for that long or there really is only a small number of people in my circle who knew and loved his work. Or has da new EDM lapping generation shoved him and his masterpieces into a far dark corner?... R.I.P. PRINCE, the Purple Rain Man, The Doves Really are Crying now...

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SHO FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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This nigga had a bitch in his pocket?... Hahahahahahahahahahah...

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... I just want yo' extra time and your... BLISS...

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Waaaaah... I didn't think anyone is capable of jumping into a barrel of wet cement on his own... Wait... Was he bound and tied as well?... God Rest his courageous soul...

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Yet another Deleted Scene where Berg Lee and I gone completely apeshit...

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Here are da Deleted Scenes from The Kid From The Big Apple. My part starts at 3 min 28 sec...

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Is it plain stupidity or they were just robots taking da call?...

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I'm not usually big on musicals, but I'm mighty hyped dat da new JUNGLE BOOK stayed true to da original animation with da same Ragtime and New Orleans Jazz attitude to it. Bill Murray's rendition of Bear/Bare Necessities radiates so much freedom, which is da core spirit of Jazz, dat Murray's version is right up there with Phil Harris and Louis Armstrong's versions, if not better. And how about da legendary Chris Walken playing King Louie with dat unmistakable and distinctively mutated New Yorker accent. A giant Orang Utan with a New Yorker accent!!...Read more

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Da turns of Chinese Dynasties in da long span of 3,000 years...

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...I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

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