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First meal in da soil of Japan...

wiyo #wiyopocketwifi #udon #coldudon #unagi

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Hail da Smoking Zone! ?

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Destination: Summer Sonic Osaka 2016! Updates on da music festival coming up very soon. Thanks to WIYO Pocket WiFi! I'll be touch. Comes with an extra power bank too!

wiyo #summersonicosaka2016 #viagogo #Osaka #Japan #pocketwifi

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Unfair my ass. This is a wake up call for SPAD. Wanna level da playing field? Keep your system in check. Fair fare and not over charging desperate customers. Stop refusing customers just because customers' destinations are not enroute to wherever drivers intend to go. Keep them taxis and cabs free of ticks in da seats. Dat's all we customers ask for. Is dat too much to ask?We customers really are not so hard up about being driven around in UBER FERRARIs, UBER BMWs or UBER VELLEFIREs. We really dun mind old cars for taxis and cabs. Just maintain them to be safe...Read more

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Yo! People! Who among y'all is very very GoPro Hero4 savvy and knows all it's functions inside out, and has da time to sit in and teach me? On Tuesday afternoon perhaps. Cuz I'll be in Osaka for da Summer Sonic Music Festival and leaving on Wednesday morning?... 各位乡亲父老!这里有誰是很超级熟悉 GoPro Hero4,而有空闲可以教我的吗?请联络我!

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Epitome of self entitlement... This Auntie is not...

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!... How does one be Earnest and Sarcastic at da same time?... Well, there it is!!!...

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This has got to be one of da best musical montages through an ending credit in television history...

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Epiphany of da Day: Driving with da windows down it's like driving a convertible, except da wind comes from sideways...

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...I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

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