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I'm pretty sure dat Leonardo Di Caprio, Matthew McConaughey and Jonah Hill are gracious enough to return what they got paid for Wolf of Wallstreet back to our fellow Malaysians. Even IF their intentions were not 100% pure, ( I dun know them personally, so it is fair for me to say so ) it is still a great PR move...

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She got all da expressions of a seasoned performer...

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Here I was sipping on my faithful Teh Tarik in a mamak when a group of barely legal clubbers walked past with one of da dudes asked his friend "Who's Elsa? Who's Elsa..." I was on da verge of telling him "Elsa is dat chic who has an insecurity stricken sister who wants to Let It Gooooooo... Let It Gooooooo..."

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Shot a scene where I had to casually do a bit of calligraphy, for real. Instead of getting da art department to fake it for me. To my utter surprise, here's what I "stroke" out... Pun intended... Very much intended...

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People... Just wondering, is there any UBER driver willing to do late night trips to Penang from KL?...

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There's always dat friend who makes you laugh harder as he/she gets angrier...

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Helluva Choreography...

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Helluva song... Helluva campaign... Helluva rapper...

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The Jedi Grand Master of filmmaking... Hmmm... There's an unsettling irony to dat statement... Can y'all tell what it is?...

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Makes sense... Problems solved... No drama... No Civil War...

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...I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

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