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New arrival at my coffee joint. Red Velvet...

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New arrival at my coffee joint. Soufflé Cheese Cake.

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New arrival at my coffee joint. Vanilla Mille Crepe.

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Perspective of MOSANO COFFEE of a breathtaking altitude... Featuring my pseudo hairy feet...

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Say and think what you want on our Mosano Wall, only in Mosano Coffee...

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Hey people! I welcome y'all to Mosano Coffee, my very own coffee joint in Damansara Perdana. Come hangout, chill out. Whether it's business or courtship, whatever your agenda is over our coffee tables, our only concern is your comfort...

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@mandytheman and Marcus Wong's little Hainanese baby celebrating da 1st month of his life...

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As the Phoenix... Sorry... The Turkey soars across da desert in search of Vinnie, her second cousin who mysteriously disappeared without a trace since last year's Thanksgiving...

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Da Three Stooges from Love Compulsory marching on an idiosyncratic journey...

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A crime scene, in modern day Safari. A carcass of an antelope, left behind by a pack of Hyenas along with what's left of a Zebra after being devoured by a pride of Lions...

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...I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

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