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Now THAT'S da kinda HAZE dat, we as a nation won't complain about... *Cue Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze...

about 8 years ago 37 likes  0 comment  8 shares

What a Revelation...

about 8 years ago 8 likes  0 comment  23 shares

About Batman V Superman... Call me old fashion but I much prefer da version of Lex Luthor who is without Daddy Issues and much less of a Brat. While Ben Afflect... Well... Let's just say Chasing Amy and Dogma was his best work to date... Plot wise, da predicted thesis churned by DC fans prior to da film is WAY MORE EXCITING than what Nolan fed us with...

about 8 years ago 26 likes  0 comment  0 shares

I buffed my toe nails like a Viking...

about 8 years ago 7 likes  0 comment  0 shares

So pretty da Jako Salmon Skin Salad...

almost 9 years ago 130 likes  0 comment  0 shares

Da New Kid On The Block... Cookies Cream Cheese Cake a.k.a. C.C.C.C. a.k.a. 4Cs... Only in MOSANO COFFEE... #mosanocoffee

over 9 years ago 198 likes  0 comment  0 shares

I dun usually mess around with apps like this. But since @soharsoharla was happily fooling around with it. I thought, what da hell, quit being macho for a while and have some fun...

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New arrival at my coffee joint, our ass kicker, Tiramisu...

over 9 years ago 158 likes  0 comment  0 shares

New arrival at my coffee joint. The Signature Mosano Bitter...

over 9 years ago 108 likes  0 comment  0 shares


...I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore...

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