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And I still haven't found what I'm looking for...

Getting what you want is not always the same as attaining happiness.This is one tiny piece of wisdom that age has afforded me.We live in a society where self preservation has become a key guideline for living. So when things aren't exactly as we'd like it to be we tend to abandon them, move on. But I wonder, for those who live by this tenant, has this strategy really led them to what they think were searching for and has getting what they want provided true fulfilment?I seriously doubt it.

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We interrupt your usual program...

While my parents were staying at the fancy hotel this week, my sister and I took advantage of the fully equiped 24 hour fitness room. I was sad when we had to turn over our key card.I stopped going to my regular gym recently because someone who works there started to make me uncomfortable. Vickie says it's my fault that we had to change gyms and that she had gone to that location for a whole year and never had any problems.It all started on the day I signed up for my membership. The guy who signed me up seemed friendly ...Read more

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1-2-3-4 tell me that you love me more...

Thank you Ipod Nano for bringing this to my attention. I love it!

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You know, for kids...

For those who are unawares... my parents swooped into town today. Little sister got them a great deal on a swanky midtown hotel which we headed to after another dinner at Peking Duck House.  I think I have had my fill of Peking duck for the year, seriously, no more Peking duck, please...My parents are like a fine wine, they just keep getting cuter. Tonight lucky cousin pacoondabahr04 got to sit in for this little chat:MOM: Did I tell about my friend? She has a coffin in ...Read more

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Fashion Week Snapshot

My ears are still ringing. Went to see my imaginary fake boyfriend from Cosmo (aka Sonny or IFBFFC) walk the runway in the Rockport show at the Rockport pop up store (what a cute concept!) in Soho tonight. It was a fun event, lots of hors d'oeuvres and free flowing alcohol. But loud, very, very loud.I went because Sonny promised that I'd get a nifty little gadget-- a pen with a 512 mb thumb drive in it, and a nice little note pad in the gift bags, but he lied. They didn't do gift bags tonight. I think he just wanted to know ...Read more

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Return to Coney Island

Khanh and Judy kidnapped me tonight and despite all of my very vocal reservations, insisted on going to the original Nathan's for a hot dog. I have a peculiar attachment to Coney Island. It's nostalgic to me not because I was there in its heyday, or because I grew up spending my summers there, but because I studied it in my Modernism class at UT.There is just some magic about Coney Island, something about the history, its personality-- even in its currently run down state.  I love the kitchy signage and the freakshow posters, t...Read more

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