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You know, for kids...

For those who are unawares... my parents swooped into town today. Little sister got them a great deal on a swanky midtown hotel which we headed to after another dinner at Peking Duck House.  I think I have had my fill of Peking duck for the year, seriously, no more Peking duck, please...My parents are like a fine wine, they just keep getting cuter. Tonight lucky cousin pacoondabahr04 got to sit in for this little chat:MOM: Did I tell about my friend? She has a coffin in her living room and sometimes, she lays in it and watches tv.US: Huh?MOM: Yeah, she says it's not a real coffin, just one for playing in.ME: A play...coffin.MOM: She doesn't have it anymore, she gave it away.ME: Um, who would want a toy coffin?MOM: Well, she said she got tired of looking at it in her living room so she put it in a corner somewhere, and one day her friend came over and asked, why don't you use your coffin anymore? So she asked that friend if she wanted it and the friend took it.US: Oh.ME: Why would you have a toy coffin? That's just weird.VICKIE: What's weird is not that she has one, it's that she lays in it.REBECCA: HahahahaMOM: She's kinda different. She has a band and a place where she sings on the weekend. She sings rock and roll...ME: How old is she?MOM: Oh, she's about 50.US: 50?!?ME: If I was 50 I think I'd have to get rid of my toy coffin too.MOM: Yeah, I like talking to that friend, she's very interesting.Also...According to my aunt (mother of pacoondabahr04), disposable wood/bamboo chopsticks are not only bad for the environment, they also will kill you. So now everyone in my family are now the proud owners of these nifty little retractable aluminum chopsticks that come in a compact oval case that looks something like a really fat pen. At least they look cool...side note Apparently not all of our family is onboard regarding the killer chopsticks says brother of Pacoondabahr: "I'm a dude, i'm not carrying around chopsticks in my pocket..."

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