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What is Beautiful?

I found this short film so compelling and so relevant to how Asian American women perceive themselves that I had to share it. To read more about the film click here.

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Who is Miss Asia?

The Friday before last, I went in to the MRBI station do a few radio spots to promote Miss Asia. My half hour conversation with Sunny, one of the "talent" at MRBI, turned into 45 minutes and then into an hour, partially because I don't normally get to have conversations about how to do effective out-reach to the AA community, and partially because I think Sunny wanted me to say something less intellectual and I wasn't doing it.

The spots are centered around what makes a great pageant contestant and what being in a ...Read more

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Desparately Seeking...

Right in the middle of a busy day of possible sponsor gathering, my dear friend Gabe called. After a few minutes of chatting about a project he and I have been brewing for some time now, he asked me this age old question:

"Since you are working on this Miss Asia thing, I thought, maybe you are the right person to ask. I'm looking for sponsorships for this thing I am working on...how do you do it?"

Well my dearest Gabe, if there is some big secret to gaining sponsorships I really wish someone would just cou...Read more

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Why Miss Asia?

If you thought I left my days of Asian American community activities (and activism) behind with Altra... SURPRISE, I'm back. My newest incarnation is US Image Director of ATV's Miss Asia pageants.

I know, I know...



Try not to judge! Before you start erasing my name from your list of favorite AA feminists give me a chance.

When I think of beauty pageants this quote from my favorite Asian American comedienne, Margaret Cho comes to mind:

"I...Read more

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U.S. Nationwide Search For Miss Asia 2009

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Election Day...

11042008...is best spent with family, Green Tea Ice Cream and a bottle of V. Sattui 2001 Muscat.To the beginning of a new era!

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Viva La Vida

It's such a tragic flaw of youth, to believe you know exactly what you want and then to hold steadfast to it.Sometimes I foolishly think that I have escaped the shackles of this way of thinking only to find that I am still beholden.

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The Traveling Cone Installment #8

jetsettingI call this one Jetsetting Cone.

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My life on this Planet

As usual, I am at work on a Sunday.

We have these little cartoon aliens that are the studio mascots and I was trying to find them on the computer so I could send them to our off-site graphics designer.

I couldn't find them so I texted my boss, "Trying to find aliens, please help."

And....Read more

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Everyone can use a little change...

"He's not American," Amy explained to the waiter as he walked away with our cash.

Jon still has not figured out American money. The denominations of our coins still confuses him, and after dumping out the contents of my own coin purse on the table for a closer look, it was easy to see why.

Our coinage can be very counter intuitive. Dimes are smaller in size than pennies and nickels, the new dollar coins are very similar to quarters and none of the coins are marked with numbers. And... what...Read more

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