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Candifiend does Basta Surf with Herring and Herring

This makes me dream of wintering in Hai'ewa...

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I missed Stella's collection, and Roberto's too. All the best Viktor and Rolf pieces were gone by the time I got there, and Karl's collection was just so-so-- so I don't think I missed much there. For Jimmy, I was very sick, so Lil' Sis and I studied the website every night lea...Read more

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Moved Next Door

Hi All! Now that the Miss Asia Project is over. Please continue following my adventures on my new work blog: Made(up)in NY.

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Candifiend for the Environment!

When the producer of ECOFEST called me to put on a show to demonstrate green and sustainable dressing for an audience of 10,000 New Yorkers I said, "Absolutely!"

Check out this fun little behind the scenes video my buddy Vlad Voloshin put together following the event:


Fashion Coordinator: Alice An & Candifiend Studio

Staff: Briana Campbell, Rattana Bounsouaysana, BP Carmouche

Styling: Ise White and Leila Wolford

Assistant: Lisa Gordon

Hair: Le Salon...Read more

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You shoulda put a ring on it!

Yep. Watch it one more time. But it still won't ever compare to the LIVE show that Amy and I got when we shot Daisha Graf last weekend.

Daisha is like sunshine in a bottle, such a sweet heart! It's no wonder that Beyonce picked her to be one of her background dancers at the VMA's this year for her BEST song to date, "Single Ladies" (of course).

If you know me, you know I'm obsessed. I'm only now able to fully absorb what happened. (I already told Daisha, I am stalking her til she te...Read more

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Working it on the Farm

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Beauty Queened

Just as I predicted, Konnie and I dissolved into a ball of tears just as they crowned Jennifer, Nichole and Roxanne. And then Konnie and I went home to my humble flat, packed, and were immediately whisked off to San Francisco to do it all over again.

I am just now sorta recovering.

For those who were not privy, as a final twist to the competition, the East Coast girls were required to submit one question each for the Q&A segment, and draw from the pool of questions by their pageant mates.

After a month of intense tr...Read more

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My Little Secret

I don't have any children, but now I have my pageant girls.

I think about them all the time, for example, today my friend Rain and I were having a conversation (slightly edited):

Rain: How are you by the way? Missing anything? Satisfied?

Me(in proper beauty queen format): Thank you for that question Rain. I would say I am pretty satisfied right now, because as I have grown older I've come to realize that what you think you want will not necessarily make you happy and it's the perception of missing somethin...Read more

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A Word From Our Sponsor...

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The Glass Slipper

This is the beginning of the Miss Asia in America series on how it feels to be a beauty contestant.

Our first topic of conversation: pageant shoes.

Generally speaking, shoes are a such a core part of a pageant contestant's outfit, yet so under acknowledged. I think is time to bring light to what a shoe can do for a girl and feel that highlighting the clear shoe phenomenon is most appropriate because the clear shoe is so truly a pageant specific accoutrement.

While it is quite obvious that clear shoes are a beauty...Read more

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