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Fashion Week Snapshot

My ears are still ringing. Went to see my imaginary fake boyfriend from Cosmo (aka Sonny or IFBFFC) walk the runway in the Rockport show at the Rockport pop up store (what a cute concept!) in Soho tonight. It was a fun event, lots of hors d'oeuvres and free flowing alcohol. But loud, very, very loud.I went because Sonny promised that I'd get a nifty little gadget-- a pen with a 512 mb thumb drive in it, and a nice little note pad in the gift bags, but he lied. They didn't do gift bags tonight. I think he just wanted to know he had a friendly person in the crowd to text him not to dance down the runway b/t changes. Some people should not dance on stage. Sorry IFBFFC.At least the hors d'oeuvres were good. Too bad so many of them involved some item on a mini toast, damn my wheat intolerance.Speaking of mini toast, this is an excerpt from my text conversation with Lee (pink flamingo friend) while I was supposed to be observing shoes walk down the runway.Me: Hmmm...fashion show hors d'oeuvres.Lee: Watch that gluten!Me: I know, must resist mini toast.Lee: Mmmmm... mini toast... oh sorry...Me: Poo on wheat.Lee: They need gluten free mini toast and table water crackers.Me: YesLee: Poo on wheat... Wheat makes you poo...Me: Doesn't all food become poo?Lee: Yes, what our bodies don't use becomes poo, but wheat makes your body go all AAAGH!!! And poo faster...Me: Smoked salmon and haricot verts. YUM.Lee: Haricot verts think they are better than green beans...Smoked salmon sounds good though. It's good to see you are eating well during fashion week.Me: True. But these are free. Free food!Lee: Free food tastes better than other food... 

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