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A dim don dah...

This might be replacing Junior Senior's Move Your Feet as my theme song...

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Ms. Manners Says...

Yesterday evening was DEX employee appreciation night so the big bosses took us to this swanky midtown red rope ensconced rooftop bar and treated us to bottomless alcohol and fancy bar grill food.The place was packed but Dexter and Daniel shelled out a pretty penny to secure a prime spot for us to enjoy the scenery and the company of each other.There was an "interesting" mix of people, a really diverse crowd-- but what stood out the most was the absolute lack of manners these particular bar patrons had.One group of women pushed ...Read more

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Fashion OCD

The eBay god hates me.I never win auctions. And I know it's because I'm not OCD enough and never want something badly enough to sit at my computer and refresh every second as an auction ends. As Emu suggested... I should probably just stick to the "buy now."Shopping at auctions is too stressful.  You get all attached to something and then you can't have it. It's just wrong.It's tough since I really love to vintage shop and there are always these enticing things that come up when I google for what ever item I am looki...Read more

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Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween.I love to play dress up, so naturally, I love Halloween. Was too tired to deal with it after all the traveling though.Wonderwoman is just going to have to wait until next year.Has anyone noticed how terrible the Wonderwoman costumes on the market are? After shopping all the possible outlets, I decided (a while back) that if I was going to be Wonderwoman I would have to make my own costume.They are either just not right (bad knock offs) or really horribly made (fit poorly). There are plenty of other superhero costumes on the mar...Read more

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The Traveling Cone Installment #3

coneatcocoabeachI call this one Cone Sunbathing at Cocoa Beach.Back in NY...and it's cold. 

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How the Paint Peels: A Bathroom Drama

When Vickie and I moved into this apt, the tub was peeling. I mentioned this to the management company and they had a contractor come in and reglaze it shortly after we moved in. Bijoux and I went to visit Jeff for the day. When we came home the apt was completely uninhabitable. The fumes were unbearable and we couldn't use the tub for 12 hours. Luckily we were able to move into a short-stay for the night.About 2 months ago the tub began to peel again. The contractor is back.Apparently, tub glazing has a 3yr warranty...Read more

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Digital Festival, woohoo!

A music video I worked on for Recording Artist Molly Magdalain has been selected as a nominee for DigiFestival to be held in Florence, Italy this October.Please help her win, vote her here.

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I'd buy you Rogaine

"If you were falling,then I would I catch you.You need a light,I'd find a match.Cause I...Love the way you say "Good Morning"And you...Take me the way I am."Is it me or are the songs that they use for commercials getting better?

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How I roll...

I am in serious need of a hair cut.When I fill out the size form at castings I write "very, very long" in the slot that indicates "hair length."Not that it's damaged or full of split ends or anything. As far as hair goes I totally lucked out, all I do is wash and condition, no special treatment-- I don't really even comb it or brush it.It's just so long now that I can almost sit on it. When I wear belts my hair sometimes gets buckled in under them at my waist, it even sometimes gets entangled when I am wearing lo...Read more

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On the 6 train

"Hey there Delilah,

Don't you worry about the distance,

I'm right there if you get lonely,

Give this song another listen

Close your eyes,

Listen to my voice it's my disguise,

I'm by your side..."********************************************************************************A few weeks ago after the gym, on the 6 train heading downtown, a girl stepped on to the train, sat down next to Vickie and continued to cry. So I handed her a tissue.I wonder what happened to her.

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