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Ukai Toriyama Restaurant

Hello everyone ! How are you ?Did you enjoy your lovely summer time ? We went back to japan with my family this summer . It was roasting hot in tokyo but we had a nice time ! Its nice to go back to home town . Especially this restaurant is  an amazing spot for foreigners and japanese too . Traditional japanese architecture near mount TAKAO ( You can get a free bus from Takao san guchi station. Keio line ) . We saw a lot of firefly s, its a mysterious bug which glows at night time. Why ? How ? Where is battery ? Anyway Food, SAKE in bamboo  ,and the service was brilliant ! You can enjoy 4 seasons view and relaxing time . If you interest Please check this .

Have a nice day !    Lots of Love and Peace !    Akira




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Oh I want to go to that place, and I want to see the fireflies in Japan too.
almost 16 years ago
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wow amazing. i want to get married there too!
almost 16 years ago
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you were here?? 次回は連絡してねん!! I go to Ukai-tei in Ginza and made my first visit a couple months ago to the newly opened one in Omote-sando. It is by far the best teppanyaki. But I've heard so much of the 本店Ukai Toriyama and I've always wanted to go. beautiful!!
almost 16 years ago
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