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Mark in Real Life 01

People have asked me to share more personal stories and I've been reluctant to do so, but it occurred to me that I could share one while explaining why.

So - here is your slice of Mark In Real Life.

A couple weeks ago I managed to visit two art galleries in one night.  The first one I made an impromptu video for which I posted here (link).

The second was a Giant Robot event where I was introduced to a couple people.  One of them I recognized from Arden Cho's video here.

Joseph Kahn and James Jean were their names.   I mostly spoke with James and somehow we were talking about how he wasn't an actor, but then joked to qualify that he had been a child actor - in pornography.  We laughed and the conversation moved on.

Two weeks later I'm at this Eric Nakamura / Daniel Wu event.  I knew a lot of people there and it was great to have a chance to talk with Daniel and Erik again in person before the show.  Near the start of the show, I sat down and the multi talented Beau Sia sat next to me and we caught up when, of all people, I see Kahn and Jean walking by and they know Beau and the conversation goes something like this:

Mark recognizes the two and offers to shake their hand since their leaning over him saying hi to Beau, "Hi - we met at the Giant Robot gallery opening."

James gives him a vague 'I think I remember you look when shaking':  "Yeah... I -  "

Mark jests to help him remember:  "You did child pornography."


No one says - a - word.   If an auditorium of excited and chatty people could be silent - this was it.  The only sound is a soft, "Hm." from somewhere.  The lights start to go down for the show to begin and they wave their goodbyes - but mostly to Beau.

Mark thinks to himself that he needs to remember that not everyone shares his same memory recall if he wants to fit in with the other kids.

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doh! Imagine what was going through their heads after that conversation ended!
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Mark... great stories. I can see why you are reluctant to share stories. It's just ur way of telling them I guess. But all those flat notes prepared so well for the ending which brought a sharp turn to it. WOw.... well done (both: stories and the "hm" you created at the venue) hahahahahaha
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