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Laura Ling / Euna Lee Vigil

I attended a vigil in Santa Monica for Laura Ling and Euna Lee on the 3rd of June.

I don't have much to add that hasn't been covered by the news already.

I was next to the stage and it was quite heart wrenching to watch the families and imagine how difficult it would be to be in their situation.  I wasn't going to post anything about it, but Kelly sent me some photos I was in (and had no idea were being taken) - and so I thought I'd just share the event through these photos and including the music from one of the  performers, Susie Suh.  This performance is not from the vigil, but gives some music for the pictures none the less and she did perform there.

Peachies (Grace Su) also covered this event in her blog though I didn't actually see her or Sommer (another alive not dead member) while I was there.  I did see and spend some time with actors Maggie Q and Ian Somerhalder who were also attending just to be part of the audience and share their support.

The intention of the event was to raise awareness of the situation and hopefully motivate the government to take some type of diplomatic action despite the stance of not speaking directly with North Korea.  

video:Feather in the Wind - Live from Susie Suh on Vimeo.photos:

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Photo 22998
righthere - Maggie and I worked together four years ago on www.leastlikely.com - That was when I first met her. That was the first thing she officially shot in the US. She's very much like Kelly in that she is very charismatic and exudes a lot of positive energy and people are drawn to her.
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I was not surprised by the news because it was a foregone conclusion they would be accused. I think the experts said that the trail was a formality. They would be accused and at that point a diplomatic solution could be entertained. Hopefully this happens.
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like this shot !!!
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Photo 23697
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Photo 22998
Patrick - our government isn't supposed to talk directly to North Korea for some political reason. Probably they were taken prisoner in order to make this happen.
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Fantastic photos. Thanks for checking in. Sorry I have not been around. How you been?
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is that u???? sweet
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Y3 - yes, it's me in super wide angle. :)
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