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signing off

Since most of my friends are reachable through email. I'm canceling all my social networking memberships, I'm not much of a socialite.  Alive not dead is an amazing venture and artist network for people who love making movies or watching movies.  TV included.good luck everyone, let's focus on people that are actually a part of our lives. Last pics to bore you with . . . hugs to all.

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where's the work. america?

So new industry, working at a snow boarding company.

I don't prefer outdoor sports, but it's a paycheck and received a cute coat.

miss filming . . . hugs.

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finally new career, but very enclosed . . .

Hi guys, it's been awhile.

I've been so busy starting a new career.

Let 's see if the industry will take me!

I'm doing casting at Paramount Pictures for this

nickelodean show new season.  Lower budget

so no space!  A kid show w/martial arts. 

The coolest thing is the main lead is

an Ameriasian guy, half Japanese. 

Here's the pics, been doing it for a few months.

Pictures are sideways, sorry. No time to fix . . . .

hugs & kisses to all.

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My photos of people smiling and not smiling

 Pictures of some of my attempts at photography.  Going to see MUSE and ARCADE FIRE

 w/in 3 weeks of each other! Amazing bands, can't wait!

hugs and kisses to all.

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Emerging Artist June 2010 LA, I helped coordinate a celebrity panel

Greetings, I was thinking that maybe I should mention this event that represented

AnD in a decent manner that befits this enterprise.

With Patrick Lee and Mark Allen as co-captains, I coordinated it w/Lisa Vion and Raffi Kamalian showcasing a panel of major contributors in the Hollywood industry and beyond.

Mitch Allan, Kelly Hu, Jace Hall and Sandeep Parikha, actors, musicians, and producers, either from Film/Tv or virally, they achieved notoriety.

And we also had a chick artist named Asia Eng who showcased her talents.

I had my photographer friend shoot the event.

Nice way for me to keep myself busy, helping friends who help everyone.

hugs and kisses to all.

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Hi, it's been a long time. Here's a commercial spec I produced Apr. 2010

Filming a commercial spec and pitching it to that product's advertising dept

and hoping they like the idea and buy it from me!  Shot w/an Panasonic HVX

hugs to all.

I added the commercial video below, so ck it out, and enjoy the 30 second commercial.

thank you!


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Aspiring film makers!

I love America for the accessibility of watching fantastic movies.

I think Indie movies are stepping up to quality film making beyond studio

based movies.  Watching blockbusters or 50 million dollar movies or famous

actors doesn't automatically deliver quality content anymore in my opinion.

The best movies and best soundtrack so far - - Coco Before Chanel (intelligent chick flick),

An Education and Pirate Radio. I love them all.  Their stories are tight, shot cinematically

specific including art direction and costumes, and their music, music music is wonderful.

And go see City of Lost Children (Dvd) if you haven't already.  

My friend directed Assassination of Richard Nixon, not a happy movie, FYI,

but fabulous dialogue and the wake up call on the atrophy of the human spirit.

I also saw the Ravonettes and noticed they played in Hong Kong before. Dude,

they're a great band in the indie dept.  My favorite song is the Christmas Song.

One of my friends had a wedding reception on halloween, so that minimized my

opportunity to dress up for that particular occasion.  I saw the Alive not dead pictures

of some of my friends' costumes. You guys are so imaginative.

I sadly only have one picture of my state of normalcy on hallow's eve with my John Paul and

with one of my talented artist friends.  If you wish to see more of his work, let me know!

hugs and kisses to all.

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While you work, you want to get away sometimes. . . . .

Hi all,

Despite the horrendous disasters in the Phillipines and Indonesia, etc., I was the typical human that was saddened by the news, but went on with my life.  I love to reward myself for my efforts and actions.  You never know if you're the next disaster statistic.

Over the weekend, I went to a U2/MUSE concertt in another state, N.C.   Flew red eye and slept all day at the hotel, then flew out the next morning @ 6am.  The show itself was a struggle because all the taxis were taken due to the concert.  When we left after the 1st encore performance, we decided to eat at the nearby restaurant.  When we left, there was a traffic lockdown and people were swarming everywhere looking for taxis. OMG, we had to chase after those taxis. Kind of amusing if it wasn't so cold due to my state of undress.- - wore a strapless cotton dress . . . .=)

I have pictures of the awesome concert and a few of my "office" at work for the Jay Roach proj.

Yes, that is a faux Ram for the shoot, which starts in a week!

hugs and kisses to all! Stay safe during the typhoon season please.

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Filming is back in hollywood!

I'm happy and lucky.

I've been working and keeping busy since early August, as locations assistant.

1st I worked on a reshoot for Edge of Darkness - - - mel gibson film.  Didn't see him but met him b4

his DUI and he was fun to talk to.

2nd I am working on Dinner for Schmucks for a few months! Comedy, of course based on a famous french film about bringing perceived underachievers for a group dinner to mock them.  Director Jay Roach and Steve Carell as the lead.  I loved STeve Carell in Get Smart.

3rd I worked on this short thriller film in January 2009, ck it out when you have time.  Directed by

Bobby Glickert.  I worked with him on Fast and Furious 4.;


I was able to go on a tiny vacation to Austin, Tx before working on my 2nd project.

So I'm attaching some pics from my trip who haven't seen it or been there.  And a

random shot of Russell Wong.

It was hot hot hot! I went swing dancing, ate french food (Chez Nous), ate ribs and

sweated around historical bldgs and temples.

Here you go.

Thanks for reading.

hugs and kisses to all.

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What do single atypical people do when work is slow in LA?

   WE WORK!   It's a splendid feeling when you have no "luggage" to worry about or to report to.  I have complete freedom to do as I please, which enables me to learn about various personalities and my own limitations that I want to exceed.

  I worked two projects 1. a chris daugtry music video 2. a chiquita banana commercial in middle CA from the company The Famous Group (which explains the sign I was holding)

 And some of you might ask, who is Chris Daughtry? He was one of the finalists of an American Idol season. I didn't take pics of the music video because you're not supposed to do that on a job.  I only take pictures when celebrities aren't involved in the feature or project.  So attached you will find the chiquita banana's backside which isn't his best side.

 I had a busy month or so helping my best friend with his events while I was location managering my projs I was hired for.  The most fun I had was when one of my gal pals went to san francisco for her anniversary with her husband.  Coincidentally, one of my friends I was having lunch with was going to drive to SF.  So once she told me, I asked to carpool with him and I was in SF the same day I decided to go !  LIfe brings adventures every minute if you want to accept that privilege and not inconvenient to others! Then I bought my flight ticket home 2 days later. Now that's too spontaneous, because it can cost you!  Fun times, I stayed at the Hilton with my friends, I ate at my favorite steak restaurant- - House of Prime Rib, then was able to see 2 of my friends from san jose and finished it off with an abundance of crab louie salad at the Fisherman's Wharf.  San Francisco is mostly beneficial for food lovers and food lovers only! Embrace your taste buds today. Hugs and kisses to all.   PICTURE OF THE KIDS WAS RANDOM FROM MY FILMING LOCATION. THE 6 WK year old chihuahua and kids were too cute, had to photograph them.

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