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Farm At Last

Well recently I hook up with a new job, which is to promo an organic farm in Hong Kong......its a little far from home 1 plus hour to get there...but still, it seems kind of interesting. took a little walk after lunch today and the view actually not too bad...check it out yourself...

as the place still getting ready and modifying...so I wont show any photos of it YET, but you can have a little taste of the green house....

thats about it....nothing much happing at the moment....oh yeah....a little update on my plant....the fifth & sixth leafs are coming out....not too bad isnt it.....but to be honise I am a little disapointed as I only manage to get one baby going.....suppose to have at least four....but anyway....will gain more experence when I get my hand dirty in the farm....haha

Will let you guys know if there are anything interesting happened...........cant believer I will stuck at farm in a city like HK....

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Photo 96013
I remember the view of 大澳.
over 13 years ago
Photo 96013
hi!is this from Herbert? glad that I get to see the pic from the farm.so you enjoy your job at the farm,right? you must be eating good stuff there...organic:D take care~see ya!
over 13 years ago
Photo 34128
What's a fancy-pants, big city boy like you doin' in an organic farm like this?
over 13 years ago
Paulinec 1a img 1269
hey this baby will grow..... keep us posted
over 13 years ago


師能授其方圓, 但不能授其心妙!

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