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It's a wrap for LUMINA SEASON 1

After 13 days of intense filming, LUMINA SEASON 1 finished filming last Friday!!!Big thanks to the whole crew, esp to Jen, Sommer, Billy, Wain, Xax, Bettina, Andy, Alex, Hannes, Suki, TIna, Eric, Wo, Nancy, Hiromi, and Max for being on set 24-7 for these few weeks. I love working with all of you so much! You are definitely a very fun, nice, and warm group to work with!!! I am already missing all the filming time we had together!!! Looking forward to our reunion in Season 2 :)Behind the scene photos:Besides thanking the crew, I would also like to thanks all the cast members. Michael Chan - Ryder Lee, You are a very good actor thanks for being my sweet boyfriend in the movie :P  Vince Matthew Chung - Teddy Waits, Everyone loves your puppy eyes, Teddy! It's fun working with you :)Shelly Zhu - Eliza ChanNice working with you in the movie, you are always a pretty and fashionable actress.Jacob Z. - Eben Sanchez, Eban is a very good actor! I love your tone and look for the Eben character :D You did great!!!LJ Milman - James Weston,It's very nice working with you LJ , you are the first actor I talked to in the filming!! Great acting!! Lucas Griego - Lord Amaury de Ling, It's so nice working with you again and have scenes together!!! :) You are a very very good actor!!!! And a very talented artist!! Looking forward to working with you again in future projects :)  Emilie Guillot - Laetitia Ricou, You are a very sexy  actress. We all love your voice so much!!! Nice working with you on LUMINA!Aisling Kinsella - Dita Saunders, I love you darling Aisling, my sweetest friend in LUMINA!  It's soooo fun working with you and hanging out with you in these few weeks! You are gorgeousKate Sullivan - Serena, My lovely Kate!!! I am so proud to have a friend like you and being able to work with you in two films :) You are definitely a very professional actress, successful event organizer, founder, producer, and everything!!! You are amazing!!! Luv ya lotsSimon Yin - Damien Wu, Yay Simon, every time I see buns I will remember you lol j/kYou are absolutely a very fun and enjoyable actor to work with! Have fun in LA! 

Jaime Cham - Yuri,  Jayson Li  - Policeman , It's very nice working with you two :) Keep in touch! 

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Aww thank you for the sweet note!! You were great as well!! And yes, we did had an excellent cast and crew!! Im missing the boyz and Bett already!! Cant wait to start working on Lumina season 2 and get the crew back in Hong Kong!!! Hopefully, Ill be in it tho!! hehe Luv, Ryder
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Jayson 93 2
It was great working with you as well!
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can't have Lumina without Ryder, so don't worry Michael lol just might make it not so easy for you two :)
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