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On set for MAS*H TV show~ Shooting our fight scene today! 美劇《風流軍醫俏護士》打鬥場面拍攝中!今日「功夫熊貓」對「功夫JuJu」#kungfupanda #mash https://t.co/tkdAeNtrBA

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Wanna see me climbing up 10 stories barehanded? Warning: always use safety equipment when climbing. I'm just crazy. https://t.co/xnJHLOmgiB

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Good morning and have a nice day😉 各位早晨!

Morning #flamingo #rainforest https://t.co/xBDZL8w40P

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I am on the, Top of the TREE stretching ... hahaha

Hiking at Malibu Creek Canyon!!! #hiking #losangeles #malibu https://t.co/LtXCWOXUFD

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https://t.co/jJwM0IQ5eq Latest version of my ACTION REEL (please view on computer, link won't work on smart phones) https://t.co/pZmoTdJ7O6

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😆 Pokemon Go Everywhere

pokemongo https://t.co/4M4JcYoEmS

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JuJu the Dragon Lady 🐉💨💨😂😆 我是小龍女😉

dragon #dragonball #dragonlady #jujuchan https://t.co/oT0rVfswO4

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RT @budomate: Last photos from #SavageDog movie https://t.co/grL37z8zdr @TheScottAdkins @markozaror @CungLe185 @JuJu_Chan https://t.co/pz9y…

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Kick Ass and Aim High! Having a great time on set with @TheScottAdkins

savagedog #highkicks #filmset @markozaror https://t.co/ZRMnY1k4c4

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I have found my real twin!!! My secret nickname from my parents ~ E.T. BB https://t.co/eyTkDdJqor

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JuJu Chan (陳鈺芸) Actress, Action Star, Pop Singer, Author, Hong Kong Taekwondo (ITF) Representative, Signature: double nunchucks

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