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Premiere for the latest Roger Corman action film FIST OF THE DRAGON. Purchase tickets here: https://t.co/8iO8oShhLH https://t.co/uErk1i2vg0

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Crossing the Victoria Harbour on Star Ferry #HongKong is beautiful! https://t.co/8YoMvxeGkV

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RT @Templegod1: https://t.co/GdbkXsyqwy Actress @JuJu_Chan to speak at USF Thursday September 8th 2016! Plus Fist of the Dragon ticket info…

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Working with big guns today!Shooting at Hong Kong Airsoft Shooting Association (IPSC Action Air)今日到香港氣槍射擊會射擊訓練兼拍攝! https://t.co/PUTZMWBkMa

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[Hong Kong Headline News (entertainment) ] 簽約美國經理人公司 陳鈺芸有望成荷里活打女 Article link: https://t.co/xZDJmWk2fd #SavageDog https://t.co/P0hbSBJpnw

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Full Article and Exclusive stills on Savage Dog: https://t.co/8ts6NQsnjm @markozaror @thescottadkins @CungLe185 https://t.co/BTf1h17vSz

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RT @markozaror: @thescottadkins #savagedog filming! Get ready for some great action!! @cungle185 @juju_chan https://t.co/KN47Q9GHcY

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藝文青月刊 Magazine interview Clothing by @loey_official @showcase.pr

jujuchan #藝文青 #天旋 https://t.co/xSD9t4NC4U

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RT @Templegod1: @JuJu_Chan https://t.co/LCv24iWESk @TheScottAdkins Exclusive Savage Dog interview! Exclusive Photos! https://t.co/b2jIZVGWaq

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RT @Templegod1: @CungLe185 https://t.co/LCv24iWESk #SavageDog Interview with @JuJu_Chan Exclusive Text and Photos! Dan's Movie Report

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JuJu Chan (陳鈺芸) Actress, Action Star, Pop Singer, Author, Hong Kong Taekwondo (ITF) Representative, Signature: double nunchucks

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