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Hair treatment and styling at Amour Hair Spa and Salon @amour_chris
See you at Universe 30th Anniversary Dinner. https://t.co/tVBOk5NxfX

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Join me here at the Johnie Walker Bar @dreamcruiseline #johnniewalker @johnniewalker https://t.co/Mv3HxOMAm9

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Jump High Snap 1-inch board bricking 一寸厚木板 power test https://t.co/09RVTmGArc

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RT @ActionElite: https://t.co/Zau2tmrNa4 Hot new HK action film, Made in Kowloon! 29 Million Dollar action film with @SpiderAnderson ! @JuJ…

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Evening drive with this new Zero T5 😉 今晚練完拳去兜兜風🏍

zerot5 https://t.co/ow2ld1wfGB

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Zip Line is SOOOO FUN!!!!

News Article ~ 陳鈺芸倒吊 玩轉蜘蛛女俠 (堅訊)武打女星陳鈺芸(JuJu)一向喜歡向高難度挑戰,早前被星夢郵輪邀請登上「雲頂夢號」演出,並順道玩盡郵 ...… https://t.co/9u6ULjmtVK

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Today's news clipping 今日剪報-東方日報

1月13日(五) 18層樓高!JuJu郵輪飛人


@dreamcruise #陳鈺芸 #jujuchan… https://t.co/zMiVgOCbS6

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At Pegasus Motion Pictures Event. Looking forward to the two films I worked with them "Made in Kowloon" and "Xǐ nù… https://t.co/y48iUtjr83

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"Made in Kowloon" Casts and producer Chong At Pegasus Motion Pictures Annual Dinner. 《九龍不敗》出席 #天馬電影 的春茗 Dress by… https://t.co/ZRC1euE4VX

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Back in Hong Kong from Macau and head straight to Amour Salon to set my hair for tonight's event! Love my hair! https://t.co/6tO5pkIxiC

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JuJu Chan (陳鈺芸) Actress, Action Star, Pop Singer, Author, Hong Kong Taekwondo (ITF) Representative, Signature: double nunchucks

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