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Filming in New Zealand

Been here in New Zealand for 3 months already filming CTHD2! Will be finishing up shooting in 2 weeks for me, and will go straight back to Hong Kong for the next project! I will definitely miss New Zealand! Such a beautiful place ^^

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JuJu Power Kick

Share with you all my favorite kick on heels :P

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Here's the news on the projected I've worked in last year ^^ So happy it has been selected by Sitges!!“THE HAUNTED” WILL BE AN OFFICIAL SELECTION FOR THE SITGES INTERNATIONAL FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVALHong Kong SAR, China (Tuesday, March 26, 2013). New Horizon Picture Corp, ACE Studios, Hippopotamus Films are proud to announce that during the Hong Kong Filmart Mike Hostench, Deputy Director of the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, viewed the Roger Corman produced film,   and has invited the film to be a part of this year's Sitges line-up. is the first Roger Corman film to be made in China. Winner of the 2009 Honorary Oscars for Lifetime Achievement, Corman is the King of B Films in Hollywood and a mentor to Hollywood film directors including Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, and many others. He has also helped launch the careers of actors including Jack Nicholson, Sandra Bullock and Robert De Niro, etc. is a feature horror with a western and oriental crossover story starring Katie Savoy (LA actress star in ABC pilot   and TNT series  ) as Rebecca with her crew making a documentary in China about the Chinese Ghost Festival, and discovering a story about a head concubine, Ping Wei, played by JuJu Chan (American-Hong Kong action actress, star in  , TVB People's Choice Award for Miss Chinatown USA 2009) violently murdered another concubine Chan Ju Chi played by Yixin Li (Chinese actress star in China TV Series  ).Directed by Australian-Hong Kong director Antony Szeto (Director of  ), and filmed at ACE Studios in Nanhai, China, this US-China coproduction  was given a very tight budget for a film that includes over 400 CGI shots and various imperial sets. “With such a tight budget to work with it was a challenge to bring the bar up on a film like this, “ says Director Antony Szeto. “Having this sort of recognition gives validation to all the hard work that went into making this movie at ACE Studios.”   will be screened at Sitges Film Festival in October 2013. For more information, please contact us.Photos attached to this press release:High-resolution photos can be downloaded here:1. From Left: Drae WilliamsonKerem BursinKatie SavoyJames Taku Leung2. From Left: Yixin LiJuju Chan 3.  Catherine Siggins5.  Juju Chan (as Ping Wei) 6.  Yixin Li (as Chan Ju Chi) SynopsisFollowing in the footsteps of her late fiancée, who drowned under mysterious circumstances, Rebecca (played by Katie Savoy) and her film crew are in China making a documentary about the Chinese Ghost Festival. There, she learns of a story about a concubine Chan Ju Chi (played by Yixin Li) who is violently murdered and thrown into a well by the head concubine Ping Wei (Played by JuJu Chan) within the secret grounds of a palace. Legend has it that the Chan Ju Chi has risen to become a “jiangshi”, killing innocent people in the hope of taking over their bodies. Things take a turn when a worker is attacked in a decrepit well within an old palace. Rebecca tries to piece together the mystery behind the legend as one by one the people she knows are gruesomely murdered.Producer: Roger CormanExecutive Producer: Henry Luk (陸志剛)Director: Antony Szeto (司徒永華)Writer: Frances DoelGenre: HorrorDuration: 86 minutes Cast:  Katie Savoy as RebeccaCatherine Siggins as AshleyKerem Bursin as AdamJames Taku Leung as WongJuju Chan (陳鈺芸) as Ping WeiYixin Li (李依馨) as Chan Ju ChiWenjie Wang (王文杰) as Ping Wei's brother A full crew list is available on http://www.imdb.com/title/ tt2510700/Subject to availability, our actors, director and producer are happy to give quotes andinterviews in person (if the interviewer is nearby) or via telephone, e-mail, chatroom  or other medium. Please let us know who you would like to interview, the overall  subject of your interview or questions if you have them ready, a few available times  and dates (including your time zone), your preferred medium and your contact details  and we will do our best to arrange it for you.Director's BioAntony Szeto began his film career as a stuntman in Australia where he specialized in fight choreography. He later studied film at university, receiving a double major in Film and Finance.His directorial debut was Hong Kong's first CGI animated feature film called "DragonBlade", starring the voices of Daniel Wu, Stephen Fung, Karen Mok and Sandra Ng. The film won him an Award from the Australian Directors' Guild, and was Nominated for a Golden Horse Award in 2005. He then developed a family action film called "Wushu" which was released in 2008. It starred Sammo Hung and was produced by Jackie Chan.Szeto's most recent project is directing his second Roger Corman film called “Fist of the Dragon”.Directing Filmography:The Haunted (血屍)Wushu (武術之少年行)DragonBlade (龍刀傳奇) Producer's BioRoger William Corman with hundreds of movies to his credit, he is one of the most prolific producers the film medium has ever produced, and one of the most successful. Corman has been dubbed "The King of the Cult Film" and "The Pope of Pop Cinema," and his filmography is packed with hundreds of remarkably entertaining films, dozens of genuine cult classics. Corman has displayed an unrivaled eye for talent over the years--it could almost be said that it would be easier to name the top directors, actors, writers, creators in Hollywood who got their start with Corman than those who didn’t. Among those he mentored are Francis Ford CoppolaMartin ScorseseJack NicholsonJames CameronRobert De NiroPeter BogdanovichJoe Dante and Sandra Bullock. His influence on modern American cinema is almost incalculable. In 2009, he was honored with an Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement. Production Company BioACE Studios is China's first and most versatile independently owned and operated full service film studio, combining the resources of China's vast talent pool with cutting-edge Hollywood techniques to offer filmmakers worldwide the unique opportunity to make their films at extremely competitive rates. It started making films in 2008 and has to date been involved with over eleven completed feature films mainly for the US market. Its uniqueness stems from it having a full time crew in its studio lot as well as complete top-of-the-line digital camera equipment, lighting, set designer and builders, etc. On top of this it also has a large post production staff including some 40 people in visual effects, as well as in-house editors, scoring, sound mixing and colourist. The company can deliver a complete digital feature film without any outside involvement. Because of this it is able to bond below-the-line risk for investors.

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Working on my 2nd Roger Corman film "Fist of the Dragon"

Below is a recent article written by Mike Leeder about the 2nd Roger Corman film I am currently working on in Nanhai, China. Directed by Antony Szeto, and starring Josh "The Punk" Thomson (UFC fighter and a former Strikeforce World Lightweight Champion), JuJu Chan, and Ellary Porterfield Link to article:http://www.impactonline.co/news/1094-roger-corman-flexes-fists-in-china#Roger Corman’s Fists of the Dragon flex in China 12 January 2013Cult film-maker Roger Corman is busy filming his second China-based thriller: Fists of the Dragon... Uber-producer and cult horror figurehead Roger Corman  - whose projects include everything from the original  Little Shop of Horrors t hrough Hollywood Boulevard  and so much more - has helped launch the careers of everyone from Jack Nicholson, James Cameron, Don the Dragon Wilson and others has a new project in the works shooting in Southern China as I write this.Fists of the Dragon,  is currently shooting at  Ace Studios  China with Anthony Szeto (Jackie Chan’s Wushu) at the helm, and fight choreography being provided by Maria Tran,Trung Ly, Christopher Pang ( 'Tomorrow When the World Began' ) and Joshua Tieu ( Hit Girls, Maximum Choppage, Enter the Dojo ). The film, set to shoot through January and February, with some reported 17hr-day shoots,  is an action thriller starring newcomer Juju Chan,  MMA  Champion Josh Thompson, and Daniel Whyte and is the second Corman project to film in China following the as yet unreleased  The Haunted,  a ghost story set in Beijing’s Forbidden City. We'll be watching with interest...

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我的最近新聞 News Article on my next Roger Corman's Action film

News article  http://stars-hk.com/?p=60140

陳鈺芸打入國際影圈 成為Sandra Bullock師妹

有功夫底子的歌手陳鈺芸(JuJu),成為荷里活著名奧斯卡獲獎監製Roger Corman 第一位合作的香港女演員。曾跟Roger 合作及被他栽培的巨星包括Sandra Bullock(珊迪娜布洛)、Jack Nicholson(積尼高遜)、Robert De Niro(羅拔迪尼路)等,JuJu亦成為了這眾巨星的師妹。JuJu 繼年頭 被Roger 挑選成為西片《The Haunted》(前名《Ghost of the Imperial Palace》)的主角之一,再被Roger 賞識,邀請她拍攝新動作片《Fist of the Dragon》(暫名),栽培她成為新一代打女。新片預計將於2013月1月開拍。

JuJu 正在內地接受一連串武打及體能訓練,務求在將來正式拍攝飾演女殺手時,能以真功夫示人,不用替身演出。JuJu 表示,為了為角色塑造獨特形象,她正努力增肌肉減脂肪。希望練出六塊腹肌,成為性感打女。成功後她將會出書,分享健美餐單及心得。Oriental Daily 東方日報

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Finished shooting an Australian-Chinese Production - "Hit Girls" - A Girl-on-Girl Action film

In Oct I flew to Sydney, Australia for a film project, "Hit Girls" What are the "Hit Girls"?Two mismatched killer assassins, sexy elite barbie Pixie Ho (Juju Chan) and hot-tempered, tomboy partner Charlie Vu (Maria Tran) are reaching breaking point in their tag team partnership.  The mismatched duo must look past their differences when they take on an unusual undercover school girl assignment and take down son of multi millionaire, playboy Michael Huang - their former high school crush. But will this be their last assignment?[if gte mso 9]> Normal.dotm/o:Template 0/o:Revision 0/o:TotalTime 1/o:Pages 83/o:Words 475/o:Characters az/o:Company 3/o:Lines 1/o:Paragraphs 583/o:CharactersWithSpaces 12.0/o:Version /o:DocumentProperties /o:OfficeDocumentSettings <![endif][if gte mso 9]> 0/w:Zoom false/w:TrackMoves 18 pt/w:DrawingGridHorizontalSpacing 18 pt/w:DrawingGridVerticalSpacing 0/w:DisplayHorizontalDrawingGridEvery 0/w:DisplayVerticalDrawingGridEvery false/w:SaveIfXMLInvalid false/w:IgnoreMixedContent false/w:AlwaysShowPlaceholderText /w:Compatibility /w:WordDocument <![endif][if gte mso 9]> /w:LatentStyles <![endif]

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HIT GIRLS is an action comedy short film which will be shot in Fairfield and launched in December 2012.

 It is a quirky, fast-paced, action platform about two unlikely assassin heroines, Pixie Ho (Juju Chan, Hong Kong pop singer and action movie star) and Maria Tran (ABC’s logie award “My Place”).

EndFragmentHere are some behind the scenes from the shoot~Trung, our fight choreographer is showing us our moves~ Our Makeup Artist and hairstylis t  Thao Le from Glamour world beautySome news articles of the production:

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My Friendship MV 《那些年的我們》Launch event

《那些年的我們》 is the song I composed and included in my last EP. This song has been recently plugged to radio station, and the official MV which I self-directed was officially launched on Sept 6. I've invited 30 friends to be in this MV and was shot in 3 days all over Hong Kong. I would like to say thank you to all my friends who spared their time out of their busy schedule to be in the MV, and also to my DP and Editor Michael Lo for filming with me all over Hong Kong in the hottest and sunniest days in Hong Kong. Also special thanks to my makeup artist Joyce @ Makeup Pro, and all my friends who has been supporting me all the time.It was a great start for my video for having over 10,000 Views in 1 day!!! :) Thanks for everyone's support. Here is the link to my New MV, hope you like it and will continue help share it out and comment on Youtube :) Thanks ^^Video: http://youtu.be/mvjiKk7eWm4 我的新 MV,是自編自導致的作品,希望大家幫忙轉發及在 Youtbe 留言給我。謝謝支持。On Sept 6 (Thursday) I have also held a screening and press conference for the MV. Thanks to all the media and friends for coming to the event. I have chose FTP (Fill in The Blank : http://www.fillintheblank.hk  ) as the venue, because it's a home  cafe, and if gives a cosy feeling for the event which is what I wanted. Also special thanks to JMS Medical and Hausold for sponsoring all the gifts at the event ^^Here is the full video of the press conference event:Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygItlXbf0v0&feature=plcpSpecial thanks to Michael Lo for filming and editing the event video.JuJu 陳鈺芸 《那些年的我們》MV 首播傳媒發佈會 多才多藝的創作歌手 陳鈺芸(JuJu )以友誼為主題的派台歌 《那些年的我們》, 為了炮製友誼之作,不但自己親自作曲, 更為歌曲MV 自編、自導、走遍港九新界找了二十多位好朋友一起拍攝MV。這個精心製作,眾人參與的MV 將於本星期四(9/6) 首播! 日期: 9月6日 (星期四) 傳媒採訪: 2:00pm 時間:2:15pm-3pm 地點:Fill In The Blank, 灣仔, 皇后大道東231-233號, 恆威商業大廈13字樓人氣司儀: MC Gary黃經緯,Bell 顏有鐘 出席名人嘉賓: 創作歌手JuJu 陳鈺芸 , 人氣歌手Venus 張苡澂, 藝人 黃夏蕙,偶像歌手 譚晴, beatboxer R.X 黃浩邦, 創作歌手Bonald 梁俊軒(前SKY 成員), 青年福音歌手 張淑衡 Photos from the event:

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New MV Screening and Press Launch Event

My recent radio plug friendship song 《那些年的我們》's MV screening and launch press event is coming up tomorrow, 9/6 (Thursday).This song is composed by myself, arrangement by a talented musician James Wong, and Written by 881 DJ Josh Ngnai. This song is not only celebrating friendship, it also reminds us our history at school with our old friends. I am very thankful to have all my friends supporting me in the making of this MV, as this is my self directed MV and I have invited over 20 good friends to spare their time out of their busy schedule to take part in the shooting. The MV will be launched tomorrow after the press event. Hope you'll all like it :)Here's the details of the press event:誠邀採訪  JuJu 陳鈺芸 《那些年的我們》MV 首播傳媒發佈會多才多藝的創作歌手 陳鈺芸(JuJu )以友誼為主題的派台歌 《那些年的我們》,  為了炮製友誼之作 ,不但自己親自作曲, 更為歌曲MV 自編、自導、走遍港九新界找 了二十多位好朋友一起拍攝MV。 這個精心製作,眾人參與的MV 將於本星期四(9/6) 首播!現誠邀 貴台/報/刊記者及攝影師出席,有關採訪活動詳情如下:日期:   9月6日 (星期四)傳媒採訪: 2:00pm 時間:2:15pm-3pm地點:Fill In The Blank, 灣仔, 皇后大道東231-233號, 恆威商業大廈13字樓出席名人嘉賓:  創作歌手JuJu 陳鈺芸 , 

                         人氣歌手Venus 張苡澂,                          香港小姐 寇鴻萍,                           偶像歌手 譚晴, 

                         beatboxer R.X 黃浩邦,

                         創作歌手Bonald 梁俊軒(前SKY 成員),                           青年福音歌手  張淑衡活動流程:2pm 傳媒接待2:15pm MC 與 JuJu Chit-chat2:25pm 播放 MV2:30pm 嘉賓問答遊戲2:45pm 藝人及嘉賓大合照2:50pm 活動結束

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Dong Guan trip Fans Gathering

Thanks to all my fans and supporters in  Dong Guan for preparing all the suprises and hospitalities  for my Dong Guan trip :) It was a very happy and touching trip for me.


Interviewing by Dong Guan TV station


Autographing for fans

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