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Filming starts for "LUMINA"

On Saturday, Dec 29 2008, filming started for the "LUMINA" webseries.

Day 1 shooting (Making of - photos)

Day 2 shooting (Making of - photos)


JuJu - Lumina Wong

Michael Chan - Ryder Lee

Vince Matthew Chung - Teddy Waits

Shelly Zhu - Eliza Chan

Jacob Z. - Eben Sanchez

LJ Milman - James Weston

Lucas Griego - Lord Amaury de Ling

Emilie Guillot - Laetitia Ricou

Aisling Kinsella - Dita Saunders

Kate Sullivan Serena Fong

Simon Yin Damien Wu

Jaime Cham - Yuri

Jayson Li  - Policeman


Jen Thym - Director/Writer/Prod.

Sommer Nguyen - Producer

Billy Lau - Assistant Director

Yick Wong - Production Manager

Edy Huang - Asst. Prod. Manager

Tang Wai Yan (Tina) - Production Assistant

Lena - Production Assistant

XiaoSu Han - Director of Photography

Andreas Thalhammer - Director of Photography

Alexander Pueringer - 1st AC

Wain Yee - DIT/2nd AC

Lui Siu Fung (Suki) - Art Director

Hiromi Naka - Makeup & Wardrobe

Max Lam - Makeup

Eric Lau - Sound

Bettina Enigl - Set Photographer

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Photo 261052
Good stuff Lumina, We'll be shooting some interesting scenes tmr!! hehehe See you soon!! You're doing great!! Cheers
over 15 years ago
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nice! what a great cast! ;-)
over 15 years ago
Photo 33405
Wow, there's a bunch of you guys part of this... Kate, Vince, Simon,,...!
over 15 years ago
Photo 61114
LUMINA UNITE!!! =) You guys are super troopers!
over 15 years ago


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