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New MMA Film Fight Life Teaser Released

Yay!!!! Great news!

Just released a 2nd teaser for my feature-length documentary on the sport of mixed-martial arts titled Fight Life! Oh yeah, there's a familiar logo in the beginning of the teaser... Mad love to you know who for all the support! ;) 

Here's our 1st Official Trailer if you've missed it earlier:

We spent the last few weeks working hard to finish this teaser piece. It's a lot of work to be editing a film on top of doing teasers like this! I know it looks short but it took A LOT of work! I can hear all the filmmakers in the house say "Amen" to that,  Hahahaha, but I ain't complaining, I'm doing what I love, and that's all that matters =). A special thanks to all my post-prod team for working mad hours to get this done, I appreciate everything you guys have done for Fight Life.

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
looks good!
接近 9 年 ago
Photo 25
Looks really interesting!
接近 9 年 ago
Photo 93921
Man, that looks good! Really looking forward to the whole documentary. Good job! :)
接近 9 年 ago
Photo 402234
I'm a huge fan of MMA and this looks like a fantastic documentary! Great job. Looking forward to see it! All the best to you!
接近 9 年 ago
Photo 214991
Looks good! Good luck with it all!
接近 9 年 ago


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