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Keep Walking

 Keep Walking       By: James Z. Feng


A few years back while working on a project, I suddenly received a text message from this girl I was dating telling me she got a new job in Singapore. She said she wanted to get away from her dead-end job in China and get a fresh start somewhere else. She then proceeded to tell me she was leaving that very night. It was a bitter shock to me since we just recently started to get serious in our relationship. We met at a friend’s baby shower and started dating a few days later. We’ve been dati...Read more

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The Yips

     Tonight was suppose to be a productive day for Fight Life as I had a lot of work lined up to be completed. However, none of that got done because one of my buddies just came back in town and we hung out instead. Like old times, we had a bbq and watched a cartoon/anime called "Major". I won't get into the details but the general question it left me wondering was "What's your next goal after you've reached your current goal?". Before I get into that, I wanna go over "yips".     

     Lingering ps...Read more

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The Hustle

      Uploading a new video, got some time to blog finally. I've been so busy I haven't had time to really blog about anything lately. Latest update: film's going well, everyday we're getting closer to finishing. I'll be flying to LA for a good weekend of editing with Ramon this week, which I am very much looking forward to. My last trip down there was very intense and we got a lot done, I think everyday for 3-4 days we went home around 3-4am. I remember every night driving thinking to myself how great it was to accomplish some...Read more

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Fight Life Documentary Film-Introduced Tonight on CBS

Look for mention of our documentary film FIGHT LIFE on CBS Strikeforce's Fights tonight at 9pm during the championship fight between Dan Henderson vs. Jake Shields.

Checkout our new trailer for our champion Jake Shields for Fight Life: MMA Documentary: Join our facebook & twitter to support:


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New MMA Film Fight Life Teaser Released

Yay!!!! Great news!

Just released a 2nd teaser for my feature-length documentary on the sport of mixed-martial arts titled Fight Life! Oh yeah, there's a familiar logo in the beginning of the teaser... Mad love to you know who for all the support! ;) 

Here's our 1st Official Trailer if you'v...Read more

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Drowning (2008) by James Z. Feng

Drowning (2008) by James Z. Feng

My 2nd film I did in 2008 after 600 (2007), I totally forgot to share it on AnD, better late than never! =)

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The Silent Story

     While talking to a friend online one day, she asked if I could do her a favor and give her a call right away. I picked up the phone and dialed her # and she picks up, I say "hello?", she doesn't respond, I say "hello?" again and she still doesn't respond. She communicates to me through her breathing and light sniffling signaling me that she can hear me. At the time, I really didn't know what to say, so I said nothing. While I was thinking of something to say, I could feel that something was going on, my i...Read more

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Fight Life: MMA Documentary

My feature length documentary on MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) Fight Life has finally launched the official trailer:

Official Website: http://www.fightlife.tv


Fight Life is a new groundbreaking documentary that gives the audience an intimate look into the real life of the modern day professional fighter. From paying dues starting out at the...Read more

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Tough Outing

Whenever one of my fighters (from "Fight Life" documentary) get in the ring for a fight, I get quite nervous and imagine what our reaction would be if they win/lose. I imagine the repercussions of the win/loss. Luckily, I've been quite fortunate as Jake, Lyle, Bryan, Nick, Gil have all won their fights in the past year. Being there live at the fights watching them only intensifies my own nerves. For the first time, I've experienced my first loss when Ryan Schultz lost tonight in Sengoku 10. Out of all my guys, Ryan really need...Read more

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Bittersweet -Part II: Jamie

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