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OMG! I meet yamakasi!!!

OMG! I can't belive he's here! Yesterday I meet a people, this is a man make me star to do parkour, now, Parkour is a main part of my dream, this guy make me know who I am, he is William Belle form Yamakasi.

Yestaerday we meet william Belle in HK, he come and train with us, he is so nice and friendy! I can't belive I am facing with him! He did some training with us, and we have fun! He is really really good, his thinking like what we belive,  helping people, be strong to be useful, he told us must to remember Parkour is a way to let you help people, when you get pwoer, you should use it to hlep someone, like what we belive, parkour, is a things to make you be a good guy. We can see this on William Belle, he is a really good guy, got skill, nice, and have a good thinking, and use his power to let more and more people enjoy in parkour,  still can't belive he was train with us!

Parkour for LIFE!!!!

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