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我的個人影片-自作自售 vol.4

**Hi all!

This is my own video!

Repersent by Govad and Madeinhk, 自作自售vol.4!

Um...this is my frist own video, I have doing the filming for a few mounth, but because there are just 10 mins, I can't put all the things into the video, I hope I can did the other better one later.

This is a video all talk about myself, I have tell "why I do that" in the vdieo, um.... I made this video because I hope to tell everybody why I doing that, always, somebody said "you look so great", always people said "your movement is so amazing!" or "Are you crazy!?". I want to let people know, there are not only movements, I do that, because I belive in something!

I hope you will like this, and you can know more about me, I hope you will undestand, why I like that, anyways, I don't think this is a video to "sell" myself, this is a video to "tell" myself, I hope someone can get some meaning besides what have I side.

This is a video  for madeinhk.hk. Respect in** www.MadeinHK.hk, to know much more story of working hard in HK, go www.madeinhk.hk Peace

**大家好, 這是我的個人影片!

由香港制造和我本人拍攝, 自作自售第4擊!

這是一條關於我自己的影片, 你會在影片中看到我是什麼人, 我就這條影片已拍攝了好一段時間, 不過由於時間只有10分鐘, 我不能將我拍攝的, 我其他的東西都放進去, 希望有機會拍一條長一點, 好一點的。

這是一條所有時間都說我的影片, 你會由裹面知道我"為什麼要這樣做", 我做這條影片的時候, 我是出於希望人了解我"為什麼要這樣做", 常常有人跟我說"你好利害", 很多人說"怎麼會做到!?" 或是"你是傻的嗎!?" 我希望人知道, 我做的不是只有動作, 而是因為我有相信的東西!

希望大家會喜歡, 你可以憑影片了解我更多, 我希望你們明白我因為什麼喜歡這些東西, 這不是一條"賣"自己的影片, 而是"說"自己的影片, 我更希望有人會在我說的東西外得列其他的意念或理解。

這是為香港制造-www.madeinhk.hk, 尊敬madeinhk.hk, 想知道更多在香港努力的故事. 到** www.madeinhk.hk Peace

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