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Too cool

Ever since I got my first cellphone, I've stopped wearing watches. Now it feels weird when I put one on. Unless I'm traveling..

So, I thought maybe I should get a real clock for my new apartment. I was looking for a projector clock but then my new place is really tiny, so I don't really have much wall space to project it on. That's when I found this COOL clock!![](/attachments/2009/08/13/20/53024_200908132016251.thumb.jpg)Time made simple. Designed by Vadim Kibardin. Four simp...Read more

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Let's Tweeties!

Join me @ http://twitter.com/0521

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Somewhere over the rainbow ..

Just the other day while driving..look what I found!!

A RAINBOW Alright, alright..I know! It's just a rainbow! But hey, it's the most exciting thing that happened to me for the whole of last week!!

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Hey guys~ Sorry for not updating. I've been super busy with work and everything else, well, mostly everyting else 

Hopefully after I settle in my new place I'll finally have more time to blog! Stay happy and well!

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I hide my tears when I say your name but the pain in my heart is still the same

Though I smile and seem carefree there's no one who misses you more than me

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R.I.P Buster

My blind Chihuahua passed away on th 20/6, due to complications after his eye surgery which the vet had over-looked.He should be around 6-7 years old ( not too sure because I adopted him 2 yrs ago from a puppy mill )The vet admitted that it 'could' be their fault but it's 100% their fault which he has been giving stupid excuses about.. What made me more upset was he never even said sorry. When he called to tell me the news at 8.24 am, you'd think he was calling for take-out pizza! I would not have left Buster there if the doctor ...Read more

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Thank you, Mr. Sean Tierney !!

My friends all know that I LOVE Flammin' Hot Cheetos!! And so far, the only place that I can find them is in the US! Today was like winning the lottery but even better! I received a big box in the mail ...

This is what was in the box! Lots of FLAMMIN' HOT CHEETOS!!! Along with a cute little teddy bear .. Read more

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Girls Night Out..

Tonight was girls night out. We decided to do something different rather than the usual movies or drinks.. We went shrimping!! We spent 3 hours, NT$2,100 and caught ourselves 26 big prawns ..we could have spent less time and got more if we were at a restaurantbut it was fun! Me and my best friend each caught 9 and our other friend caught 8!

They provid...Read more

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Happy Birthday Music Man!!

Happy birthday to a dear and special friend..

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Glass Blowing

The weather has been terribly wet & humid here in Taipei and I've been terribly lazy to go anywhere or do anything. I should get a medal for being a 'true bum'!

Well, my friend came back from the States WITHOUT my flammin hot cheetos!! Now that's terrible news! But I do have some good news - I've been on waitlist for months and now I can finally enroll for my glass blowing classes!! YAY! I love glass, I think it'd be awesome to learn how it's made, it's just a 25 hour course, should be fun! I'm s...Read more

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Live it, love it, learn it. That's life! •• I'm sorry but I find it weird and I do not accept friend request from people I do not know personally or haven't

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