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Endangered Mountain Gorillas

Three baby mountain gorillas and an adult female have died in Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park last month, possibly from a combination of extremely cold and rainy weather.

About 680 mountain gorillas remain in the wild, making them one of the world's most endangered great apes.The primates are under threat from poachers, the destruction of their habitat, the live ape trade, disease and fragmentation.

These are one of the most gentle and beautiful creatures in the animal world. It's a shame how we are ...Read more

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What do I do when I am bored?

I bling!! Might take me awhile to finish this tho, I got tired after I finished painting it. The iPad is much bigger than I had imagine![](/attachments/2010/06/12/16/53024_201006121636511.thumb.jpg)

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I do, stupid..

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I'm in love with an older man!

I've realized lately that my taste in men has changed since I've been back to Singapore. From the young, clean, cute, boyish types..to the older men. There's just something so mmmmm about them and super S-E-X-Y!! They seem smarter, funnier and well, better @ lots of other things I would assume! Take for instant, Adrian Pang. A local Singapore actor. He's a talented actor, father of 2 adorable boys, a beautiful wife and he's so H O T!!

Now I'm debating if I should stay back and catch him in...Read more

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Never Leave Your Cat With Your BFF!

When I came back to Singapore a month ago, this was how my Bear looks.

But today, a friend tagged me on Facebook and OMG!! Read more

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Stray Cat

When I came back to Singapore around January this year. I noticed a kitten around my grandma's neighborhood. He had a collar on his neck with a little bell, how cute!

Well, it's almost June now and the kitten has grown but he has the same tiny collar on him, which had stopped his growth from neck up. He has a body of a young cat but a head of a kitten because of that stupid collar.

Recently, that cat seems to have made friends with "Manja" my neighbour's cat. He's really timid and whenever I walk by he wou...Read more

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Arab Street to Bugis Village

My wonderful cousin SS, enrolled us in a 2-day photography class as a birthday present for me. It was fun and the teacher was super cute!! I'm still trying to get a hang of my Lumix GF1 but here are some pics I took.

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This year I celebrated my birthday in Singapore with my family, it's been a very long time since I've done that. After that my friends and I went partying at a local club. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pics, can you believe that!! But I just wanna say " THANK YOU to everyone for all the nice birthday wishes. You're all so sweet!!" xoxo

Birthday morning: See how much...Read more

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I've Learned.


THE   h i g h e s t  o f.

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The Weekend

The weather has been gloomy these couple of days in Singapore but I'm loving it. Here's a view of The Singapore Flyer

Food Republic @ Vivo City. I love the authentic and old Singapore coffee shop feel this place has

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Live it, love it, learn it. That's life! •• I'm sorry but I find it weird and I do not accept friend request from people I do not know personally or haven't

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