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R.I.P Buster

My blind Chihuahua passed away on th 20/6, due to complications after his eye surgery which the vet had over-looked.He should be around 6-7 years old ( not too sure because I adopted him 2 yrs ago from a puppy mill )The vet admitted that it 'could' be their fault but it's 100% their fault which he has been giving stupid excuses about.. What made me more upset was he never even said sorry. When he called to tell me the news at 8.24 am, you'd think he was calling for take-out pizza! I would not have left Buster there if the doctor had told me that he might need 24/7 care after the surgery. That will be the 1st and last time I'll ever bring my pets there. He's right across my new place and I had spoken to him a couple of times and had even brought Buster in a few days earlier for blood test etc to see if he was fit for surgery. He said no problem. Long story short - he's a stupid cough a*shole!

I had Buster cremated and was going to put his urn on the bookshelf in our new home. But was told that it's not good? or right? to have dead pets ashes in the house!? shrug So, an 'auntie' told me Buster could stay with her 18 year old dog which she had burried up on the hills in a secret spot. So, yesterday that's what I did. We took a showel and Buster 's urn and went up to the hills. She told me to wait at the side of the road while she went into the mini jungle. She dug a hole and now Buster is in his new home next to 'Ke Ai'. Recairnation? or Heaven? I don't really know anymore.. But free from suffering and pain is all I want him to be. R.I.P my dear boy. I'm so sorry, I should have just let you be but I wanted it to be better for you, if I had only knew...

I'll never forget you. Go play with your new friends and be the happiest little Chihuahua that you always were.

My friends always ask me if he had batteries in his little tail because it NEVER stops wagging when he hears his name. Even tho he is 99% blind, he'll tilt his little head and wag his tail when you call his name or when he hears my voice.Sometimes, I could almost still hear your little bark..

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Thank you.. May he be able to see the world again. .......i miss him :(
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