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Glass Blowing

The weather has been terribly wet & humid here in Taipei and I've been terribly lazy to go anywhere or do anything. I should get a medal for being a 'true bum'!

Well, my friend came back from the States WITHOUT my flammin hot cheetos!! Now that's terrible news! But I do have some good news - I've been on waitlist for months and now I can finally enroll for my glass blowing classes!! YAY! I love glass, I think it'd be awesome to learn how it's made, it's just a 25 hour course, should be fun! I'm so excited, can't wait!! Yippee!

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Glass blowing is amazing and a good thrill source too 'cos its potentially injurious (so be careful!). I'm always fascinated when I watch people do it. So post videos!
almost 14 years ago
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wow!!I want to learn glass blowing!I mean I've been thinking about this for a long time.but there is no class around here>< enjoy your class.and gonna share your works with us later,right??haha^^
almost 14 years ago
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Not sure what I'm going to be able to make but I'll definitely share pics when class starts :)
almost 14 years ago
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I've not been able to start classes yet..I've been busy with the renovations for my new place and my asthma seems to be getting worst these past weeks, so classes will have to be postpone :(
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