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I hide my tears when I say your name but the pain in my heart is still the same

Though I smile and seem carefree there's no one who misses you more than me

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Looks like someone is missing somebody~ Hang in there n keep that smile on your face!
over 10 years ago
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I miss my 2 doggies - Buster, Pepper and my cat Prince that's in Heaven ..
over 10 years ago
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we'r always ar. Take care...
over 10 years ago
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awww..sorry to hear that Zoey...but you know what...they are in a very good place and I'm sure they are very happy! So cheer up! *seaches for zoey's smile in the room..hmm..i'm sure it was here..where did it go?* maybe some hot cheetos will cheer u up! ^^
over 10 years ago


Live it, love it, learn it. That's life! •• I'm sorry but I find it weird and I do not accept friend request from people I do not know personally or haven't

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