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Burn Update :)

Ever since the oven accident over a month ago, with all the tips everyone has given me, my wound has actually healed pretty well :)

Photos from the first day up till today :)


And my friend's mummy got me all of the stuff in the pic below..she so nice! Her husband's a plastic surgeon and she said, she's gonna make sure I don't leave an ugly scar

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Photo 53024
FESHA: Yes, it was really nice of her and yeah yeah yeaaah...it's nearly healed! :D
almost 14 years ago
Photo 74817
Looks a lot better... Take care! :)
almost 14 years ago
Photo 53024
Thanks guys, it's really so, so much better than I had expected :) x
almost 14 years ago
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wow, that's a great recovery! be more careful next time! ;-)
almost 14 years ago


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