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If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders.

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i'm at venetian... only a week late!
almost 14 years ago
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Etchy: LOL..So did you meet a lot of "qù bu qù"? :D
almost 14 years ago
If that's true, then my heart gets luckier then I do. Dammit!!!
almost 14 years ago
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SEAN!! Hahaha
almost 14 years ago
Photo 53024
YipingSG: Do I really look tired? I kinda like that photo but most, well, none of my friends do :D Thank you for your concern dear but there's no love hate relationship going on in my life right now. There's no relationship going on haha. I'm good, so don't worry :) x
almost 14 years ago
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Thanks Yiping, my post doesn't always reflect my feelings, sometimes it's just something I want to share with everyone that's all. But still, thank you, dear. You're very kind and sweet :) Yes, I love the rain but I hate beaches haha :P x
almost 14 years ago


Live it, love it, learn it. That's life! •• I'm sorry but I find it weird and I do not accept friend request from people I do not know personally or haven't

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