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2 Months

Today, it has been 2 months since Dudu passed away. I still miss her so much.

Dudu, my 11 year old Chihuahua passed away 2 days before I came back to Singapore. She had breathing problems that night and I told her I would take her to the doctor in the morning. The whole night she couldn't get any rest because she was sitting down and couldn't lie down. After a few hours she decided to lie down and I saw blood coming out of her mouth. It was almost 2 am, I immediately took her to a vet but she had already died in my arms on the way there. They took her body to be cremated and returned her to me 2 days later. They put her ashes in a small urn and I've placed it on the shelf next to my desk and in a few days I can go home to see her.

I know she is now happily playing with Prince, Pepper and Buster over at Rainbow Bridge. No more pain, no more suffering. Until we meet again, don't forget me..I know you won't.I love you, Dudu and really miss you very, very much. How to be home without you? :(

I miss you all so much.

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Sorry to hear about that... My thoughts are with you! :)
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11 years old...my lulu is still 4 years. I can imagine how hard losing your baby.I'm sure Dudu was happy being with you(coz through here I know Zoe is good person).I always wonder if my lulu is happy??Now as you know I've got injured that can't go for a walk for her(my Dad does),feel sorry><
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