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since april, a new dragon ball being released, i thought its a totaly new story.

when i saw the different poster, i;ve understand its not a new story but the old from raditz to majin boo.... i was hoped that have new design but no....

Why so have this word "kai", seems like after reseach (thanks google) kai means cut....

(dont hope too much, just the posters, the opening and ending themes got a new design)

Yes this dragon ball is shorter than the original! less blahblah, they try to be as near as possible from the akira toriyama's manga

i watched the raditz part (the first Goku's brother) this part took just 1 episode half!!!! UNBELIEVEBLE!

and the other changement is the format, indeed, its a full HD but i saw some new pictures but not really match with the old cartoon... too bad...

and the other changement, this one is big.... the music.... unfortunately the music was changed :(, for a DBZ's fan like me, i really hate this change....

but anyway, its really good to see this cartoon after so longtime :)

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guess the main motive for re release is meant for the younger generations not die hard old bird DBZ fans like us. the opening theme music is a total copy of the dragonball GT song. from 'Dan Dan' to 'Dokan Dokan' totally not originality
about 15 years ago
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@Jae: i think also they want to export the cartoon as it is for america and europe ( the background music remind me the bad soundtrack made for USA) and also they censored some scene... the first episode... when we see baby goku, u cant see his penis (lol) in the original one (the video talking about his father) we can see it, and also some blood was replace by black sometimes...
about 15 years ago
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Reading this really brings out the memory... I used to read Dragon Ball comics (would you believe it?) and was always curious about how it would end - since people don't really die (ok they do but they "live" in heaven and hell, and then got granted the wish to be alive again...). Now new version plus movie. Dragon Ball really do live forever don't it? :-)
about 15 years ago
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Cha la head Cha laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
about 15 years ago
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yeah in episode 3 goku's wound was some purple colour thing instead. wierd?? the cut short part would be a let down! i loved the part goku fell into hell accidentally while looking for kai-oh lol
about 15 years ago


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