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Back finally

Sorry, guys been idle for such a long time, was just very tired physically emotionally, spiritually. Anyway, got admitted into hospital last Saturday, thought that was the only place I could really rest without any worries, just put them aside and sleep. Turned out even my last resort didn't help too. So, I only stayed for 1 night there. Called in to office last Thursday to ask for a full WEEK of REST BREAK as I felt I was really falling sick (been about to be sick since before Malay, been on Panadol for over a month to stop the cold from ma...Read more

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i m back but v tired. will continue the blogging soon!!!!!!! excited? i miss Xu Xu

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I know it is over 2am in HK now but as long as I m still awake it still feels like oct 4th. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

WANT to wish all members and users of AND the best in life and true happiness that comes from the heart.

ps: Raffi TT where is my announcement? T________________T

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It was my birthday today.

I wish everybody can find their true happiness!

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Guys, am flying off today afternoon. So, the blogs for malaysia remaining days would be up when I am back ok? sorry about it. ^^ Hope you guys enjoy ur holiday too esp friends from China.

I'd take pic in Jakarta too but I dun think I'd be dressing up u know y? coz i haven't even started packing my own stuffs yet. Busy with family's presents. hahaha..... ok la.... better go. i am actually v tired. only slept 4 last night. Take care and i will see u soon

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OK, it's certified. I am about to KO! I am sleeping now. GOod night folks! Blog for Malaysia day 6 &7 will be coming soon, promise!!!!!

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Guai2 is getting fatter and fatter. she's not growing longer instead she is growing side ways but still she is only 70% % or less compared to XuXu? I always say bigger pets got bigger poops n Xu Xu's is twice as big as Guai Guai's while Ching Ling's so small i often just thought it's a dead ant or half of a dead ant.

But my 3 hamsters are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too spoilt. they even take my clothings (while I am wearing them) AND my bed as their play ground for hide and seek or practicing spiderman skills. b...Read more

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Rushing to Penang from Langkawi

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, I sleep late again today ^^ TO WRITE TO YOU GUYS!

started the day taking pics of hotels, this is one of them....

then we went to

this is where the 3 monki...<a href=Read more

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so much to say so many troubles with my comp

SORRY! only finished the malaysia 4th day album. Got some up for the 5th day but i haven't written anything. I am leaving on oct 1 to visit my parents. be back soon. ^^ and will continue writing the rest of malay AND my holiday + MY BIRTHDAY UPDATE!

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The child in me

Pardon me.... especially for those who know Yung Yung from In love with the Dead. I was portrayed as a much more mature lady. But for those who know me in person, I can be a real spoilt baby. ^^ I tend to get spoilt by everybody around me. ^^

Wanna see my signature grin?

you might find a picture of me from 10 years ago or more with the exact grin and my love for fluffy animals as always

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Come with me on a journey of self discovery! Wanna know a hamster who talks with an attitude? Meet one on Xuxu's site: http://www.alivenotdead.com/Y3XuXu

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