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The mellancholic side of Yung Yung

The Langkawi's city centre is very  much different from the busy city I am accostumed to. This month is the Muslim's fasting month before the "HARI RAYA" (Muslim's New Year also known as Ramadan).  They fast for 40 days in a set-timed period, meaning the time is already set according to different geographic places on the earth. So it is not strange that the Malays in Langkawi fast from 7am to around 7pm where as others may start earlier and finish earlier too. They are not allowed to swallow even thei...Read more

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A childhood wish came true...

This trip is like a dream come true to me. Childhood wish to be exact. I wished to visit the villages of my servants, where I heard everybody live in harmony (else than with the demons), and everywhere you seeare full of green plantations.

beautiful isn't it?

 Where things are not as developed and fast as it is in the city and people can't care less about money but leisure.

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Hello to everybody. I realised recently I received a lot of complaints saying that I have lost so much weight and the pictures in the albums are not up to date hence people dun recognize me when we meet in person. "I hear you Patrick." hahaha

Anyway, just wanna say hi again after a week or so of not showing up at all on AND. Miss you guys. Some problem with my internet so the album I just uploaded didn't get uploaded. I am going to do it again tonight OR tomorrow. ^^

To those who haven't seen me for a long time in per...Read more

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HI~~ i am back!!!

I just came back from a trip to Malaysia on a photoshoot for a travel guide book. After sleeping around 2-3AM and having to wake up around 6.30-7AM every morning... would you please excuse me some time before I share the pictures and my experiences with you guys:??? Anyway, glad to be home and to meet my 3 little hamsters. Miss them like mad. hahaha

Will upload pictures and the story later... ^^ chaooo... need to catch my breath AND watch recorded TV. ^^

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Haven't been attending many AND events or meeting up with friends lately. Been in door doing my own things. ^^

1 comment that I got from almost everybody yesterday at RULE NO.1 premiere is

"You have LOST SO MUCH weight, I almost can't recognize you". hahaha

anyway here goes 2 pics we took before going home

PS: Happy to finally be able to meet Andy Lau Spain^^

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Growing up in my family, birthday has always been the biggest thing, almost as big as Christmas, or probably bigger. Yet ironically enough, I have never had a birthday party before. I remember my birthday was always close if not at the middle of exam time. The last time I tried holding a birthday party was when I was 9 and only 1 classmate came. Her name is Mariana. I still can remember her face and I remember her present. It was a blue pencil case. When the doorbell finally rang, I was so excited and I saw her in a white greenish dress with a bow o...Read more

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God bless Xu Xu!!!!

I have something to announce but please keep your calm. It happened to me when I first found out too. So here goes:

XUXU is a F-E-M-A-L-E

It's like.... I dunno... I have always been treating him... I mean her as a him and thinking of her as a him. It feels like finding out ur son turned out to be a daughter. I am kinda emotional but not in a bad way but definitely not in a good way neither.

That explains the crazy fight with Yai Yai. Xu Xu goes from a cute fat boy into a FAT pork chop? that's kinda hard...Read more

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Trapped at home

Typhoon number 9.... TRAPPED at home whole day yesterday.

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Last night

Journey to the centre of the earth turned out to be great. I used to had dreams like that. Honestly, the scenery was so beautiful. I went to watch with a friend, the next thing I said was "If I were to be given the opportunity, I'd choose to go on that journey. It looked like fun!!!!!" My friend stared at me with terror.,.. hahahahahahahahahaha

Then I went home to clean up ching ling, Xu Xu, Guai Guai's house. The first movie finished at 9.30pm and Hell Boy started at 11.50pm. When I got back in the cinema, I was yawning ...Read more

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Sorry guys..,... I have so many pictures in my camera that I haven't uploaded. :P Including pictures of Ching Ling. He's so small and thin compared to Xu Xu. Today, Xu Xu stepped on his stomach with one foot and as a result, Ching Ling couldn't move AT ALL.

I am going to watch Journey to the center of the earth And Hell Boy tomorrow. From 9pm till 2am. I think I will fall asleep since I tend to get so tired lately. Ok.. I better go. Haven't been up that late for sometime... If you are wondering why I am still up at 1.40am, co...Read more

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