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心魔首映 & 我的新發型

假如大家不知這個星期有什么電影好看的話,我鼓勵大家看看 ”心魔“這套戲。這套戲不但但好看那么簡單,它也帶了回到回憶中讀高一的我。當時,我也剛剛交第一個男朋。每天甜甜蜜蜜的,初戀的驚訝,快樂的時光。當時我和小女孩一樣的年紀,雖然我沒有逃學可是真的也被愛情沖昏頭了。不就媽媽就把我硬送到美國讀書,當時我也不肯。看著這個小女孩抱著男朋友的藥企這摩托車讓我回憶了當初的單純和純真。
If you don't know which good movie to watch this weekend, I'd recommend . It's playing at GRANDS, ELEMENTS. Not was it simply good, it brought back the nostalgic days from my 1st short High School Year. At the time, I was dating my first love. Everyday was a sweet day filled with anxious excitements from dating my very first boyfriend armed with notoriously joyous youth. I was around the young lead actress' tender age, though I never skipped school but I was literally mesmerized with romance too. Soon my mother "banished" me to the States for study; surely I was undoubtedly not willing. Watching her lying her head peacefully lost in her own mind frozen thru her gaze with her arms tucked tight around her boyfriend's waist had brought back the memories of the juvenile naiveness and heartfelt innocence. 恭喜紅姐姐,奪得2009金馬獎最佳女配角。Congratulations on winning 2009 Taipei Golden Horse for Best Supporting Actress. 小孩不教導他,他們怎樣會知道自己有什么過錯呢?在這個故事里,女方的父母只懂得怪對方單身母親。男方母親被老公背叛了,和自己兒子相依為命,只懂得報備他卻從不好好的教育他,到頭來活活害了他。Children who lack proper education and adult's assistance would grow up not recognizing their own mistakes/wrongdoings. In the story, the young girl's parents solely focused on blaming everything on the boy's single mother, imposing her. The young man's mother who had been hurt and cheated by her husband, lived her life interdependent with her son. Saving him to her only meant getting him out of trouble each time without properly educating him. Nevertheless, caused her his life. 紅姐姐做的很好,而且她今天打扮得特別漂亮。It was a great performance on Ms.Hong's side. Plus she looked extra beautiful today looking all made up. 最右邊是LORNA (far right, Lorna-Producer)很不榮幸的是為了保業戲院只會繼續播放高業績的片,這一種平時需要時間欣賞的戲而慢慢累積成績的戲很多時就會被淘汰了。所以朋友們,為了支持喜愛創好戲的膜后人和香港片,多多來看和邀請您的朋友們來看這部戲吧。本為膜后人多謝你們。The very unfortunate thing is in order to keep business running well, cinemas often would only keep movies with high box office return screening. This type of features which usually needs appreciation and time to build up its revenue through word of mouth almost all too often be deserted. So, with good intentions to support those who have passion in making good features and the Hong Kong film industry, please come watch and meanwhile also invite your friends to watch this film. Myself being an artist who love film, I express my outmost gratitude to you. 到我了! 這個是在朋友的店開張的時候,SIMON 幫我照的! :)Alright, my turn! The bottom were taken by Simon at an Opening of a shop at Sheung Wan, LABYRINTH! :)之后就是那個GOKU (DRAGONBALL Z)頭了The latter hair style was the GOKU from Dragonball Z hairstyle. 說實在我真的不是很喜歡, 星期二忍不住把頭發又給剪了。。。。還染了顏色。。。。。真的好久。。。。終于。。。。都十一點半了。。。。。可以走了。。。。。昨晚是HOLLYWOOD ACTING COUCH JEANNE HARTMAN'S MEETUP每個人見到我都不認得我了。。。。。幸好的是各個嚇壞了之后的反應都很好,都喜歡。至少我本人很喜歡我的新發型!!!! 哈哈。。。 那你呢??To tell you the truth, I din't really like that hairstyle. Finally I could not take it any longer that I went ahead and got my hair cut........  yet and again. I dyed it too..... It took a long time. Time passed, finally it was 23:30PM. I was good to go. Last night was Jeanne Hartman's meet up session, I literally had everybody dropping their jaws on the floor when I they realized that it was me. Thank God though, after their shock subsided, they turned to like and love my new hair style. At least I, myself, lurveeee my new crown. What about you?

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You look a bit like 梁咏琪 on this picture... Only you are prettier! :)
over 14 years ago
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Hmmm... That\'s new! :)
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HAHAHAHA is it that bad? :P well i like though.
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