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《無言》Alien language Version ~

跟老弟來個IMPROV。問題是大家心理想的故事根本不一樣。h ahaha was doing an improv with my brother, in an alien language. haha.... problem is what we had in mind was different. super funny!So, I pretty much made up the whole story! hahaha... hope you guys like it.Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCxeMYju1ZM

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He paid for your food, water, electricity, even your Victoria Secret? haha
over 12 years ago
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Haha! Looked like a lot of fun. Man, watching the opening with the NGs and laughters reminds me bit of myself... I tend to have laughter fits during rehearsals (but thankfully not too often when really need to perform!)...! :P
over 12 years ago
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I made up the story... hahahaha
over 12 years ago
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that's how we are.... when we meet... lots of laughter...
over 12 years ago


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