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Out of town

First of all, I want to say thank you to Kate for inviting me to go with her to IshotHongKong film conference today. It was a very interesting conference and I met other great artists there as well. Came up with possible work together with the sweetest gals in town. Thanks, Kate. You are so lovely....

IF anybody do not know who Shairah is YOU GUYS SHOULD check out her profile on AND. She is this gorgeous gorgeous lady with such a wonderful personality. I am blessed to share dinner with her and Tanya Bennett today. Tanya has the funniest twicks ever. Shairah is a great singer who does a bit of acting as well. Tanya is a painter, artist and basically a talent in her own right. PLUS she is 5'11" and totally cute in her natural ash light brown hair colour. We joked a bit about monocraig. hahaha.... Ow... Tanya and Shaira are both on AND!!!! so be sure to check out their profiles if you read this blog! they are cute cute cute gals.

Oh.. yes... back to my topic. I AM SOOOO late and my relatives are so going to kill me but hey... I had fun. Yes... I have relatives coming in from overseas so, (supposedly I should be out by 6pm) I am going out of town now and would only be back by June 24th. I apologize if I am not able to respond to you guys promptly! HAVE FUN and a great week ahead.



see you guys when I get back!!!!!!

PS: Thomas sweat it out, yo!!!!! ^_^ I have your draft with me and I'd be sweating it myself. GET JASON!!!!  Duc, get back to  me on whether you want to really do the thing we talked about.

Shelley, Gary, Wu Di, Raffi, Pattrick, Michael, Jane, Vehka, and all others.... I WILL miss you guys! Please do take care

Andy LAu SPAIN... HK welcome you

MIOC~ cheer up, dun think too much and I love you, dear.

Kate, Roger, Tanya, Shaira, Sky (if you get to read this) you guys rock!

Lots of love and kisses and hugs...

my heart goes out to you all.

Hopefully I would be back energized and up for next round!!! yeaa

oh... YES! TONY, JAMES, JEN!!!!!!! MY loveliest loveliest pals... ^_^

Beautiful Celina... I miss you and ALL THE BEST WITH THE investors!!!! love u girl.

ok... whoever I have stated down here.... I am sorry I have to dash out... you know you are in my heart.

PS: Rose... I miss you ... I know you will read this blog. love u sweetie. Say hi to mark for me.

light and warmth

Yung Yung

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haha.. you sound like you're never coming back YY.. hehe.. XD I'm sure everyone will miss you too tho!..
over 14 years ago
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wow, didnt know i had to read your blog to get messages to me. :) i imagine you right now as pied pipette leading indonesian kids through the streets of China with ribbons in your hair.
over 14 years ago
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haha, your hilarious...and far too generous with your writing!! Have a good trip and shout me when you are back for a sushi challenge!! xx
over 14 years ago
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It was great to meet you YYY! You are Awesome. Thanks for the kind words. Have a wonderful trip and let's all go for sushi again when you return!! ~Shairah~
over 14 years ago


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