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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas EVERYBODY! Yup, for some reason, I am missing the softer tender side of Yung Yung. Ever since working as a producer, I have been putting up a very tough side of me. So, on this Christmas Eve,  I just missed the loving affectionate side of Yung Yung. So, I got myself a long hair make over. I hope you guys like it. Some people who had never seen the long hair Yung Yung were totally blown away.  Well... I am glad they liked it though.  I WISH YOU ALL THE WARMEST, COZIEST, FUZZIEST, LOVELIEST Christmas 2009. Love you all. Warmth and light,Yung Yung Yu

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Merry Christmas Yung Yung! Have a great one! :) Love the long hair too. ;) Best Wishes, Alan
over 14 years ago
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Technological advances in makeup, cosmetics etc have made extension and lash thickening possible! Wonderfully shown in your pics! Have a Merry Christmas =D
over 14 years ago
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Nice pics... Merry X-mas by the way! :)
over 14 years ago
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Dear Gordon, these are hardly any technology advances. Just very very primitive wig and lashes and barely any make up :P I guess the long hair really helped. hahahaha Merry Xmas too.
over 14 years ago
sexy ... :)
over 14 years ago


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