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A different Yung Yung, one never seen part 2

The day started bright... A meeting is always inevitableBey... always love to pose... thank God, a cool one this time hahaMy Goddess.... Rain Li..., the DP for 《SNOWBLADE》Winter, my personal PADidn't think I will meet Taeki so soonTaeki under Rayni's magic brushAnd me with my wonder push upsAnd hairAnd always a side profileBefore shooting ... traditional HK baishen... Then it begins...Between breaks...(is that me trying to seduce Rain? hahaha)A new action star is born...I hardly expected my self to be able to do kungfu movieOr lethal...after the real deal...After 《In Love With The Dead》, I avoided any sexy scenes in any kinds of movies... It was so too when I first met Bey... I told him flat and there... no love scenes![](/attachments/2011/03/11/18/50809_201103111844523.thumb.jpg)Bey said: "No SEX scenes, but it's edgy and sexy!" and I twitched my eyebrowAnd pictures can give such a wrong impressionBut then you see how it can be so misleading... if u dun see the whole picture.Thank God, we have Rain... who does it with grace and tasteThis movie is anything but expected...More fun to come...It has transformed me into a different .... Yu.

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Great stuff Yung Yung! Good to hear you really embracing the role and the experience. Sounds like you had a blast in this production and look forward to learning/seeing more of it. :)
about 13 years ago
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That's awesome! YY with the sword and Harry with the giant hammer. Nice! haha
about 13 years ago


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