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Creative Commons - Hong Kong group

Hi,  after the seminar, as per the previous post, we decided to launch a Google Group, to facilitate music cooperation between Hong Kong artists. Basically it is a space where you upload your tracks and ask fellow members to remix-produce based on your ideas, the whole thing supported by the new concept of copyright introduced by cc. Snoblind has prepared an introductory note, which I post below. Please click the link if you are interested to join. It is obviously free and open to all kindred spirits... Cla------ Dear all,

We, Snoblind, have been involved in a little project called CABACA in early 

2008 which is a collab project between artists from all over Asia (and US of A)

 for the cause of promoting the use of Creative Commons (creativecommons.org).

It was a supremely enjoyable experience for all of us. 

Thing is, CC also launched in HKG (finally), and we at SNBD, and Claudio at 

Violent Jokes had a long chat at the launch about the possibility of doing 

similar thing with Hong Kong artists. Considering the range and approach to 

music making is so diverse...we understand that it could be a nightmare of an 

experience, but it could as well yield a beautiful outcome. So...

Everything starts small, so we decided to open up this google group and let's 

just kick around with some loops, bits and pieces of music to share and create.

We should make it clear that we are not working nor is this group commissioned/

associated/affiliated/related by/to CC Hong Kong. Nevertheless, this is a 

project initiated by all of us who are interested to exploit the "create and 

share" nature proposed by Creative Common. Enough of our manifesto, please 

join in this google group and see if you are interested in contributing and 

remixing and let the music begins.

Right now this group is "by invitation" only, but it's only for the time being.

Last but not least, even though we said Hong Kong, but we are definitely 

interested in having artists from aboard (therefore please make DJ Guru from 

Seoul at home here!). We look forward to seeing you at this group and keep the

music sharing and collaborating here!

Let's collaborate on creating music for Hong Kong using Creative Commons 

License. Let's share our creativity for a creative Hong Kong!!!!


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