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Roni Size, music videos and programming sessions

Hello all we have not updated this blog for a while, so here it is a summary of what we have been doing. Our friends at Magnetic Soul have been so good to invite us to perform at the upcoming Electronic Music Festival. This event will be head-lined by RONI SIZE, directly from UK, with MC Dynamite as a supporting act. We are honored to open for such a big artist that has been a real influence on our music and can't really wait to share the stage with him. For info:Magnetic SoulFacebook EventFor the event we will have to prepare an entire new set. All songs will have to be Drum n Bass / uptempo tunes (my favourite! ah!). You might have noticed that our latest trend was to compose more with a bit of a New Rave / Techno twist.... well, this gig will be of a completely different taste! I and Griff have been spending weeks in programming new tunes and remixing old tunes with a new flavour.... we are almost there.... will probably post snippets of them on our facebook blog later on.... Also, eventually we have finalized the production of our first proper Music Video, featuring director Marie Chao from LA. Marie is also on AnD.... check her out here. Marie ChaoThe video will be shot in Hong Kong in mid October and hopefully will be unveiled during our Roni Size gig in November. In the meanwhile, while we were waiting for Marie to come and meet us, we have shot two live  music videos, produced by Stage Tube. They did not come half bad, especially Bleed!, which is a new song, not included in our first EP. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtWChP8skhkVideo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cvm-VMNJeCYthis should be all. I go back to producing now....see you all at the gig.mark your calendar.... .November 21stCla

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bring it home. YEAH
almost 15 years ago
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nice vids, i esp like the bleed song.
over 14 years ago
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On my youtube channel, I also posted two tracks that we played live in Radio Dada, Jesse.... you were probably the only real time audience of that live session!!
over 14 years ago


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