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Ghost Tunes

Hi all I am attending a project with a few friends, here on AnD.

It is called Ghost Tunes.check here, for more info

GHOST TUNESIn the next few weeks, all of us attending will post some songs on this space.

I am working already on mine, with a friend from Italy, DJ w4ller.Here are the lyrics of the songPassing the CrossRoadI've got to slaughter you

I'd like to slaughter you

Fermenting poisonous

Turning vile humans disgusting

If you care and you care for

your life and if you live on

If you stare and you stare at

your dream then your dream endsPassing the Crossroad

Spreading around bones

Stealing the wisdom

Spreading around bones

Passing the Crossroad

Gathering wisdon

Taking the kingdomI've got to haunt you fool

I'd like to haunt you all

I want to slaughter you

I've got to slaughter fools

Polishing kitchenware

Regret is the last of my nightmareCla

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can't wait~
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